Monday, 27 June 2011

Long time long time

I' ve totally lost the sense of time as the weeks gone by, faster than expected.. Noticed I've lost some readers while I've been living silently this june.. But here I'am now with pictures from the past weeks.. and only pics but I hope it's okey to you? :D

So here start's the spamming!

Next time byes! <3

Thursday, 2 June 2011

New stuff and picture spam

How's the summer season been starting? For me rain rain and rain mostly..:P Now tho starting to look more summerish! 8)

Feeling quite weird now first summer without an proper summer vacation. I'm little bit out off the days now that I'm without job so as being just home you kinda lost the sense of time. So now that for students it's starting to be the last week before summer vacation it's first time for me at this time that I haven't been waiting it if you know what I mean..:D

Last week got my packages and here's what came:

White shirt


 Black dress which is quite short for being a dress..:P

 White long strapless top

Aaaaand the shoes <3


 One look, back from few weeks when me and Kati went to watch The Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and after that to dance our feet sore at rave..:)

Made my nails.. hearts and teddy bears..^^

Next time byes! <3