Monday, 22 February 2010

Back in the business! I was supposed to do an new entry at friday but I got sick..:P but now getting better luckily.. I got 39*c fever the whole saturday and sunday so it was quite high.. and my every muscle especially my back and neck were totally killing me...>3< So i've been looking like half dead home mom with my hair pulled up on a messy ponytail and with this huge cardigan and nightgown on the last three days..XDD It's no wonder i got this sick coz i've been doing long school days and sleeped too little and the last time i was sick was probably a year ago..:P

I made an new layout last week! :D got bored to that old one.. what do think? ^^
Got inspired by my necklace and the new top i bought..:D those pics in the header r pendants from the necklace..:D

Like i said earlyer been hanging around at school alot last week, been busy at coloring those characters to that animation of our's..:D and this week i should start animating it..:D coz of that it was good that i got sick at weekend..^^

Now i should write that 20 page long raport that we have to do about our degree work..>3< i hate writing things like that! well have to do what have to do..:P
Byee byee!! ^3^

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy valentine's day!

Hello hello! been a while again for posting..:P I've been busy with school stuff coz the graduating is coming nearer and nearer, so been working with my degree work, now mostly just been drawing and doing some paper stuff..:P

but next week start's the animating..:DD im little concerned about the time running so fast coz we have only two week's left to do the thing, well three but the third week is our winter holiday so it would be nice to keep it as a holiday and not doing school stuff..:P and then we need to do this 20 pages long report of our work..>3< just hoping every thing is going fine and in schedule..^^

Yesterday we filmed with my two friends this little "own school project" we were jumping and running all over our backyard field with these 80's skiing outfit's, don't have any pics but u can imageing..haha i had this huge my dad's old overalls which were bright turquoise..XDD it's going to be veery funny to watch when my friends get it edited..:D

Today when it's valentine's day we r going to bake something good..^^ donno what yet..:D

Outfit pic's only few coz there was only three day's that i was at school..:P and things i bought when we went shopping at friday with my sister..^^

fell in love with those tops especially the one with the deer the print is just soo pretty! ^^

sun glasses for just one euro..:DD

It's so lovely day outside and need to go out do something before it get's dark so see ya later! ^^

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Depeche Mode ^3^

What an amazing concert/gig that was!!! 8DDD just pure love!!
We went there by bus that was organised just for that concert.. it left at 16:30 from Tampere and we were at something around 19:00 at Helsinki.. The whole bus trip i didn't feel at all that im really now going there and soon seeing DM live! :D We searched our places and then just waited anxiously..:D at 20:00 started the support band Nitzer Ebb which i had listened few songs before.. I didn't like them at then but at live they were like sooo awesome.. they played 40 min and then we needed to wait again little while and then the lights went out and intro started playing..:D
and soon the quys started to come out to the stage! after that just waaaaaaaa!!!! 8DD

at home we were at 02:30 and my school day should have started at 08:00 but we decided with my friend that we go at i got hour more sleep, but still been quite tired haha..:D At last night i had this weird feeling as always that i remember everything blurry and i should see the same what happened again.. only today the last night has started to look more whole and everythings coming back to my mind..:D

few crappy pics..

Bought their tour shirt it has the same pic than at the pic above without that earth at the back..^^

pic from monday morning the orange thing there is the moon.. i was still sleeping when mom called me and said that there is this beautifull moon outside if i want to go take pictures, but i was too tired so i just snapped that with my phone camera at my window..^^

Monday, 1 February 2010

Feeling better..

Again week has passed and now it is the time that tomorrow the long waited gig of Depeche Mode is here! i quess im going to explode tomorrow hope not coz then i wouldn't see dear Dave, Martin and Andy..8DDDDD

Saturday my friend had home party again it was like the fourth time at this year..XDD but it's nice coz then u get to see friends and had a chance to meet new people..^^ and even tho i didn't do much than just sitting on the sofa and talking i had really good evening..^^ it was a good change to that depressive feeling of last week.. so thanx for that to outi and all the guys that were there..^^

At school i should start doing the degree work soon and besides that we need to do two small own projects so being quite busy right now.. and the last week at school were like sooo boring i didn't have anything to do and we just sat there and surfed at internet..XDDD oh and cleaned (we do it like all the time and it sometimes starts to feel like im not studying audiovisual communication but cleaning..XD) so yey for my school! >3< luckily i don't have much left, four month's and it's done..:D

Friday my aunt and cousins came to visit and mom picked them up at Tampere's train station (they live in Oulu so)and i didn't have to go home by bus so i went to go check the shop's while waiting my mom and grabbed these with me from fleamarket

and these from h&m