Sunday, 20 February 2011

 Full time worker O'Hoy!

 Got my first week as a fulltime worker and pheeeew I'm T-I-R-E-D! *____*
Hopefully I'll get used to wake up's at 5am soon, coz it was awfull after being a month just home.. The place I work is still the same as earlyer but now I'm full time there coz the one who there were, started her maternity leave..:) So welcome money! haha :DD

On wednesday I met Noona and other gal's from Tampere after work.. Been awhile since we saw eachother with Noona coz the last time we were supposed to meet she got sick..:(

Wednesday's outfit..

Bought these before meeting the others..

been looking for this kind of belt on yesstyle but now found it in GD..:D

I was supposed to go have night over at my friends place on friday but I were so tired after the work week and plus that my right shoulder had been sore the whole week for some reason that it were just killing me..>3< so I thought it would be best to cancel the night over..:( but maybe next weekend then..:)

Here's some outfit's or maybe better just hair and make up from thursday and friday..
(sorry for the dirty mirror..:P)

originally the braids were just at the sides..

Oh and I bought new shoes from the Spirit Store last week..


These cost only 14,50€ :O normal price were 59€ :DD and love love love these! 
U can see them on the last posts clubbing outfit too..^^

My nails atm.

Till next time Byes! <3

p.s. remember to check the previous post from today, thankies! ^3^
Fallin' for Britain

Last week's tuesday I went out with my little sis' to eat pizza and do some shoppings..:D I had this sale coupon to H&M so needed to use it then.. I were looking for somekinda shirt underneath for the long vest/skirt thingy so found this..

(from the back)

Then I bought these two from GD

when I saw these the first time I thought I had to have these.. with the cardigan I had a little color broblem coz I would like to have it in all colors! 8DD but then the baby blue was the most favourite afterall..^~^

my outfit for the day..

On thursday there was this Finnkino (finnish movietheater company) superday when u get the tickets lower price than normally so I asked Kati to go with me as her birthday celebrating which were the previous sunday.. The movie were this brittish Brighton Rock based on a book by Graham Greene..:) Gosh the movie were so goooood! <3 loved it! even tho it were very sad..:((  What cought my eye on it was that the mainrole were played by Sam Riley who I fell in love in the movie Control..^^ <3

Thursdays outfit..

Now I'm just so excited with our britain trip with Kati can't wait to go and walk the same places in Brighton..:D Oh oh and we have already decided the dates for the trip..8DD gonno be two weeks just pure love! hahaha :D

On friday I went for clubbing with my friends and looked like this..:)

All for now byes!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Oh tonight..

Last time I wrote about the HURTS gig I was going with my friend Kati.. well it's been almost two weeks now and I'm writing about it now so sowwy for that! Late as always..hehe ^^'

my look for the day

We were at Helsinki already at aroun 4pm and the doors were opened at 8pm we wanted to be early so we could get the best places on the front row..:D ofcourse haha..:) tho we went waiting there around 6 thirty.. and gosh it were freeeeeeezing! >w< We were so freezed there outside that it felt we had been there the whole evening outside even it were only 2 hours..:P

They had this finnish band called TV OFF as a support, and gosh they r awesome! :D I recommend to listen if ur into this electric/synthpop/computer music thingy as my self..^~^

The gig were pure awesomness from the start to the every second of the so so sort feeling hour as it were <3 Never felt so much emotion on a gig! eye's gleaming of tears and ah those shivers all the sounds gave me..hurrr durr <333 fun girling? me? naaaah..;DDD

Waiting the third time I see them sooo much! At here in Finland or on our trip to Britain next summer/autumn..:DDD

But until next time byes!