Thursday, 24 June 2010

Summer cottage!

Hello mah readers! Been too long again that I haven't post anything. SOWWY! for that..^^ I planned to do an entry before we left to our summer cottage but then time went quickidy quickidy quick and so I didn't.. but now I'm going to post pics from summer cottage.. and later post about what I've done in last few weeks.. there's nothing much but few outfit pics and stuff..^^ by the way a warning lots of pics!

SOOO.. we went to our summer cottage for three my sister and our grand parents-> the cottage is really theirs.. the plan was to help them get it clean after winter and for Juhannus ( the great and the holyest party of finnish people drinking and burning saunas XD ) well not really but it's the thing and tradition for most finnish in summer hanging out with friends going sauna eating good food and having fun..^^

We started to clean the yard and damn I didn't realize to take a pic before and after cleaning coz it looked like somekinda amazon when we arrived in monday..XD that after pic i have tho..^^ We cleaned all the roofs of the buildings the yard and of course the inside of our cottage (lots of mice been living there during the winter I can tell..>3< XD)

Today we spent most of the time before we left home bathing in the sun on the roof of the cottage..8D the only place where the sun shines properly.. and the roof is black so great sun magnet..:D

 Monday evening we head out to check our 'beach' wich u can't call a beach u can see why but I donno if there is any better word for it in english a shore maybe.. had lot of fun there like giving names to seaguls..XD don't ask..8D

The shore is few hundred meters away from the cottage so our cottage ain't a shore cottage even tho we have a shore..:D yey what an explanatian..XD

(this I took near on the way to the shore-> there ain't no sand in our shore)

Tuesday we made a walk and while we were walking I did garlands for me and my sister..

we saw zeebra hay bales..
 and these white bales we call tractors eggs..:D

Some blue cows..8D bad pic taken from a moving car..

and now byes ~! until the next time!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Rock fell of but did it help?

First some outfit from last week which is pretty much the same I had on in Annyeong's which u can see lower in this post..^^
So the Annyeong party 3.. Had so much fun dancing all night with Sanni and later Silja also joined with us.. Good music and company..^^ I don't have any pics of the party coz my camera were in my bag which I left in cloakroom, but we did take a photo with Sanni before we left..^^

Monday, 7 June 2010

Graduation day
(week later)

Again the same happened with my party no one with camera around (well me but takeing pics of me in my own party well yeah).. So only few pics that I have gotten from my friend at the school.. tho my godfather and grandma oh and my friend took a pic of me at our place but I don't have those pics yet to my self..:P so going to survive with these few I have..^^

And about my party ordinary--> eating cake and all stuff u usually have in partyes like that..^^ I got presents mostly just money but then I got this marimekko's vase Mariskooli in this color:

aaand what else.. oh after celabrating with my family and relatives I head out to Tampere to celebrate with my class..:D first I went to my friends place and after that we went with her to start our night in one of our class mates place where our almost whole class were and then later left to dance in a night club with the same group..^^  Had sooooo much fun and it was nice to hang out with the whole class being together..^^

my class in the graduation ceremony

Tomorrow is Annyeong party 3!! :D Korean music party that's held here in Finland..finally Im able to go yeyy! :D can't wait can't wait! Going with Sanni, it's nice to see her finally face to face..^^ hopefully we have a fun night..^^ but until next time byeees! ^^ post I hopefully have pics from Annyeongs..^^

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Quick pic post
outfits 'n stuff