Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hellou hellou! Been few days in flu now..:P I bet that last weekends grilling outside at my friend's place wasn't very good idea coz my throat was already been sore that day..:P But now I don't have fever anymore so back to school tomorrow..:P

Half an our ago I was bottleing sima (mead) for the first of May..^^  and we still don't have anything certain what we would do with my friends then (at saturday or friday)..:P

but good news my dress came today..:D it was happy wake up when mom shouted from down stairs that backage came..:D

some outfit piiiics..

 bought these necklace and headband
from sale together only 3,70€

This was just quick post but at weekend some more stuff, hopefully something about my the first of may too..^^ so laterrrr! ^3^

Friday, 23 April 2010

'Ello readers! :D was supposed to post this entry already last sunday but my computer like died suddenly and all the pics i was going to use were there so.. I couldn't do the entry even with our other computer.. :PP But now my babyh is back in da business 8DD

Vappu is coming soon yeyy!! (the first of May)  We've been planning to go party party with few friends, well it's still maybe but quite sure..:DD

and hmm hmm what else.. oh the dress/onepiece thing I told in last entry here's pic of it:

(that hem that shows underneath doesn't belong to that dress)

Then I have few other outfit pics, at H&M there was those pieces from Sonia Rykiel's collection on sale and I found this black jacket only for 19€ normally it woulld have cost 60€..:D and then I bought this Im not sure top or skirt could be used as both littlebit sailor stylish empire cutted:

those shorts I have on I just tryed, but definately going to buy them later <3

I ordered dress for the graduation ceremony from yesstyle, now im just littlebit worried that I get it on time coz the planes aren't flying normally coz of that volcano in Iceland buffing it's ashes all over europe..>3< but hoping hoping..*3* then I should found somekinda nice high heels with it and some jewelryes..

Here's the dress
I'ts quite simple but I wanted that kinda so I can use it more often and I seldomly go to any occasions..:P

I quess that was all for now see ya! ^3^

Saturday, 17 April 2010

I scream, U scream, we all scream for Ice cream!
Heyh! Starting with few things from easter (yeah two weeks late -___-')..  So every easter we have tradition to paint these easter egg's from Fazer, it's real egg shell fulled with nougat chocolate inside..8DDD <3

And I painted my own mignon like this (different sides of the egg):

recognice the characters?

Well I don't like at all how the Alice came out..>3<  and the paint was little too wet so the outlines r quite messy..:PP Hatter succeeded better maybe coz I made it last..:P ^^

At the second day of easter I head out to Helsinki to see LM.c.. The gig was soooooo good! Everybody were just laughing all the time (Maya being funny) and the atmosphere were so good! ^^  And thanx to Fanni and Maija to take me along with them coz otherwise I would have been there all alone..:P :D

Tour t-shirt

had my hair like that at the gig

Tuesday when I left back home I skipped school coz I didn't want to wake up that early that i would have make it back in time to go school..:P :D so I were at tampere around 2pm and then went to check few shops while waiting my bus to leave and found this pretty pretty one piece long top which I show a pic later..^^

my tuesday's look
when i was eating my breakfast there came this squirrel
it was funny to watch it doing itäs thing haha.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Chocolate full Easter!!
Easter is here! and what is the best about that is holiday & chocolate.. 8DD I have longer holiday coz it actually started already last wednesday..:D Those two days of school were the last days of my av-communication lessons now I only have two months long im not sure whats the real word for that, but general school subjects like english, math etc. and then I'm done with that school..:D  

Our great ryegrass..XDDD

So coz the wednesday was free I went to library.. I have so many books now that I wanna read so I got little bit exited at lending those books sooo... here's what i lend:

And still I didn't got all the book's that I wanted but maybe it's just good that there wasn't all of those available, coz I'm quite sure that I ain't going to read those all in a month, tho I can always lend them again..:) Oh and I ordered this one book of Anne Rice coz I haven't found it anywhere else so it should be coming next week..:D

After the library I walked to shopping center to see my friend Noona. First we checked the clothing stores and I bought some little things..

Scarf only 1e

Cake necklace and here is the ring too that I bought from flea market

Then we went to eat icecream's and soon after that we she had to go and I was still waiting my dad to come pick me up, while I was walking around the mall i founded 5e on the ground lucky me hahaha..:D

My outfit from that day

And my outfit from monday

One of my fave bands is coming in Finland at may, but I don't have anyone to come with me so I'm desperately trying to figure out who could I ask to go..:P The tickets r only 10e so it isn't a bad price at all and  the band ain't any main stream band so it could be that this is the only chance to see them.. :// hopefully i get someone to go..:P Then more about gigs next monday going to see LM.c again with my friends..:)

I noticed that my blogs header wasn't showing in right place if using firefox, and it wasn't quite right at explorer eather but now it should be fixed..^^

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sorry for not posting anything for a while.. I had maaany days that I planned to do new entry but just never "got an hold" of myself and get my self here to write something..:P tho I have tons of pics waiting for use so Im trying to think the best way to post all i want..:) Since it's been so long Im not even sure which has happened in which day so there could be coming veeery fuzzy scrappy and unclear text haha ha..:D

Firstly I think it was last week's thursday when me and Kati went to watch Lovely bones.. Looked like this:

It was these Finnkinos "super days" when u get all movie tickets -50% so it was good that we managed to go then, saving money always a good thing haha :D tho before Kati got her self to Tampere I went to flea market and bought these (so that for the saving money thing haha):

 Pink trousers 7e

Fake fur scarf 2e

Then i bought yellow heart ring which i don't have a pic yet.

For the movie it was soooo lovely! as the name says haha..:D But it was sooo sad too ;__; There is this girl Susie Salmon who get's murdered at age of 14 and after she dies he get's stuck in between heaven and earth. Then she tryes to help her family from there to get that murderer caught.. The movie is based on Alice Sebold's book.

I think I have to read that book too coz the movie was so good, awful, but still so beautiful story with happy ending..

I've been watching lot's of pics with those veery cute loose curls/waves on models, especially at Kumicky u can see those often or at least her pics I've been watching haha..:D So I tryed if I managed to do them and figured out that the best and easyest way is make braids to little wet hair at evening and leave them on for night. At morning when I opened the braids there were nice curls just like I wanted them to be..:D Those curls stayed on very well too i have had them now almost two week's tho they are loosen a bit what they were at first. 

Other outfit from that week

Oh and we got tickets to Muse's concert!! :DDD so waiting waiting for july to come! :D