Sunday, 18 November 2012

And it all started with a big bang!

Week ago on Saturday I met with Emma at London to go and stroll around Portobello market. Were nice to meet her as we had been planning to meet, now that she's here for couple of weeks. 

 There was a huge fireworks in the evening here at the village. Went there with Maria and we stayed at the pub afterwards with Mette joining us until the closing. :D Were quite tired on the next day!

On Sunday we had a little photo shoot with Maria. Gladly the weather were good so we got some nice pictures! :)

Yesterday we went to do some Xmas shopping with as you should guess Maria. 

I still don't have everything bought that I need but at least I got my self this huge bag for stuff to take back when I'm going home for Christmas (it's bigger than it looks). Can't believe that a whole year is almost gone I only have about three months here as I'll be home for almost three weeks in December.

I updated my nails for Halloween to look like this but I think I didn't show you a picture yet. At the moment I have different nails again but picture later! :)

There  haven't been much happening other than that now but next Friday we are going to Manchester! :D So excited I've been so missing that city! <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Next time byes!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

London weekend

Last weeks Thursday after lunch I got a tube to London where my dear dear Baltic Babes where already waiting for me! Were so excited coz it had been already what 4-5 months! Wayyyy too long!

We had pretty plan full 4 days but we started it with our favourite lads. Thursday evening The Heartbreaks had a gig in Camden. After finding the hostel where we stayed and dolling up we left few hours earlier than the doors were opened. We strolled around Camden for a while and then got some food.

Boys started playing little after nine and we had some time to just chat and have few drinks before that at the venue.

Met so many famous faces that night some expected and some not so! :D

Great night, gig was amazing as always and were so nice to meet the boys after awhile too!

Friday's plan were first to Chelsea and Saatchi gallery. Tried to find Vivienne Westwood's 'Worlds End' shop but apparently it's not on King's road anymore..:P

So back to central London and to Notting Hill going through vintage shops and then to Primark.

Finished the night with drinks at Trafalquar square. The funniest thing is we ended up on same pub we were a year ago that time! :D 

Saturday more walking this time record store shopping and lunch/dinner at soho theatre. In the evening we went to The Smiths disco in north London which were really nice.

Tho I didn't quite expect the place to be so small but who cares when the musics good and you have a dance floor! ;)

Got little problem tho with coming back from there as London's bus maps aren't the best ones (depends where you are standing what busses you see on it). But luckily after changing place we found a bus that suited us!

And then to sunday last day for me with my girls as they went off to Brighton and I came back here! Would have so loved to be in Brighton with them as they went to see The Crookes and just hang around more! :(

But we said byes and hopefully I'll see my baltics soon! <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp"> Next time byes!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


So had my probably most Halloweenish Halloween for many years! 
On the previous weekend I drew faces for the pumpkins for my host dad to carve them. 

I posted photos of them already but here's with lights on or in! :D

On wednesday we had a little Halloween themed dinner with boys 
and few of their friends and after that we went trick or treating. 

I didn't had any costume or anything until my host mums friend said I need something if 
I'm coming and this is what I got up with in 10 minutes haha! :D

I didn't stay long as the weather was shiteee and I had E sitting in the pram getting soaked 
so we came back earlier than the rest of the group.

In the evening I met up with Maria and one new au pair at the pub for a drink.

Would have love to go to a proper party but I were babysitting the previous saturday and friday 
when all the fun was happening so missed that but atleast had my first ever trick or treat round 
(without candy tho ha). :)

Next post about my London weekend with my babes! ;)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween's you lot!

Not sure if that's even correct to write it like that but anyway point is clear! 
Planned to do a proper post today but had so much to do that the three hours I had free during the day 
just flew by packing for the weekend and doing stuff that needed to be done before my trip!

Pumpkins I drew and my host dad then carved them!

I'll be posting earliest on sunday about my halloween!

So Happy Halloween hopefully everyone (celebrated or not) had a good day! :)

But now bed's calling and tomorrow London bound! 
Next time byes!