Saturday, 29 September 2012

Paralympics & village show

On 8th of september we went to this village show thing in the field down at the village with Maria and back then new au pair Mette plus Mette's friend from other village. 

The two fields were both full of things from animals to stalls and a big 'arena' where they had different kind of  shows.

We did a quick round with the girls and then decided to sit down somewhere in the shadow as the day were so warm! And mostly that's how our day went just hanging out and having fun. 

Early on sunday morning we head out me, Maria and our host families to the tube station and towards London. 

We had planned all together a trip to the paralympics on the last day of it to watch football.
We only watched one game which were GB-USA. 'We' won! ;D

After the game we walked around a bit and then went to have our lunch in the probably biggest Mc Donalds ever! Soon after that we head back home and decided to have dinner together as well our host families did some bbq. The day were so nice having a good time with a big group! :)

This and at least one other piano they had in King's cross station just for people to play! :)
 I love the idea and the text on this one! ;) "Play me, I'm yours." 

And last as promised b-day present from my host family! :) Candle cups Cath Kidston style and then three different fragrance of shower gel and body lotion from Cath Kidston, huge chocolate box and Hunger games trilogy! 8) 

 Next time byes!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Unposted pictures part I don't even know

Week before I had my home visit me and Maria went to London. We did some shopping  and I showed her places. Her first time going around there. :)

Then some things I've bought, two first pictures are secondhand buys.
The bags vintage and I got them only for 6.5 together! :D

Then some books: Anne Rice's latest vampire chronicle part, Jane Austen P&P and Terry Pratchett Discworld Wyrd Sisters.

Then Zulu Winters - Language album and
The Princess Bride which is one of my childhood movie favourites! :D

I don't know why but the sunsets here seems to be the most beautifulest! Almost every evening soooo pretty or then it's just that I have a great view from my bathroom window and being so high up with my room in the british 2nd floor! :D

For next post our paralympics trip
and the present from my host family..:)


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Back again..

Hello hello! I've been back from home now for three or already four weeks? Didn't got my self to write anything. So about going home the reason where to go and celebrate my birthday with my family and my best friend K.

I left late on tuesday evening and spent the night in the airport again (cheapest way). I were so tired when I got to the plaine I put my seatbelt on and fell as sleep. When I woke up the next time we were on air already and I didn't have any idea of the whole lift off! Tired me is tired! :D I slept almost the whole journey and when I got to Finland ah the feeling of being home! You start to appreciate your home more when you're living in another country! <3 nbsp="nbsp">

We went for little shopping around with my mum as I needed to find a bikini bottom for sunday as the plan were to go swimming in a spa with K. We went around few shops before my sister got off from school and then she joined us and we went to eat pizza together. Were so nice to have a little time with just my mommy! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

The rest of the day I just spent lieing on the couch my cat sleeping on my bum..haha Missed me?

On thursday morning I went riding and later with my mom and other sister to take her to her dance class. Friday riding again in the morning and to the town but this time with my dad to get his hair cut and do some shopping.

Then came saturday my birthday and I were woken up by my dad who brought gifts and cards that I had received: from them, from my aunt and my friends! :)
My grandparents also came for a visit and later me and K went out to the night life to celebrate!

What is my hair doing is the question but this is the only picture I have from that nigth,
were in hurry to get out the house as always and so I don't even have a picture of my outfit..:P

Sunday was the spa day and after the spa we had lunch together in Pancho villa! 

Monday I had to leave back, my plaine left half past one so I didn't have that much time before we had to go. Goodbyes to my pets and family and off we got.

When I got back here from London my host family gave me a huge b-day present too, I didn't take a picture of it yet but you'll see it later! :) 

I'm totally late with what's been going on and the blogging but please bear with me I'm trying to get things back 'on time' so it's easier to blog. :)

Next time byes!