Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Quick Quick update!

 Got my first circle lenses yeyh! :DD  Geo angel brown r the ones I ordered..^^ Tryed them on yesterday first time and I need to say it was quite hard to put them on without any practise and even harder to get them out..XDDDD I were scared to handle them because fearing to broke 'em..8D

(no I don't have 'em on in this pic)

They felt quite weird at first but after wearing them few minutes I got used the feeling.. tho my eyesight got little blurred right away putting them on.. In the description it said that if it goes like that u should take them off  but does it mean that u can see only blurry or was that the case already with blurry only at sides? O__o someone who has been using contacts more HELP! XD

 current nails.. just something quick..:P

Another thing I did was I dyed my hair and the result well not as hoped that it could have been..:P tho I think the color suits me but I want it to be the same as before.. and now u ask why did I dyed it then well the color in my own hair were faded and roots roots..:P luckily I got one kinda blondish hair dye left so gonna use it..^^ hopefully the result is good after it..:P

Then about the thing I promised to tell u about more iiiis.. I'm gonna be modeling at Tsukicon in this gyaru fashion show..8DD quite quite nerveous about it especially after hearing that Aina and Yumachi will be there.. well I don't now r they there when we have the fashion show but.. *w* We'll see what's it going to be like.. atleast from my part..heheee *nervous laugh* 8DD

next time bye! ^3^

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Qwak qwaK
(pic spam WARNING)

Thursday I went to the gig of Nephew to tampere. I were already at 2pm at Tampere coz we were supposed to go shopping and take some photos with Noona and at the same time I escorted my cousin to the railway station..^^

Tryed Noona's cute hat <3

Noona came to the railway station too and there we left to go in GT and after that to fleamarket to buy Noona boots she saw there before.. After shopping we took a bus to pahalampi where we were supposed to do our little photoshoot..:DD


When we got our photoshoot ended we continued to Noona's place to eat and get ready to the gig which started at 8pm..


First played this finnish duo and after that was Nephew..8DD They played only an half of hour! ;___; what r these half hour gigs nowdays?! :PP

It were a veery good gig tho! ^^ and worth paying 16 euros of the ticket..^^ And I got their setlist too we were in the front row..:D

Things I bought from GT:


 cardigan which I alredy have in different print 
had to bought it coz it was 50% off..:D

My orders from yesstyle:

skirt and denim vest

 shorts these were so cute <3

 Had fun with my sis last night..XD

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Police bells and church sirens

'Ello! three work days behind and starting to feel like I  learned something but still there's lot to learn about I have three weeks non work but after that there's three weeks mailing ALONE! No my lovely quid Milla to help me and be my support..;__; Well I hope I don't mess the whole post office..XD 

at work..:P

wienercoffee the best! 8D love that there is this machine 
were u can get cocoa and different kinda coffees free..:D

I don't have much to post now coz I haven't done anything but been at work so few outfits and something about this week..^^

Outfit from last weekend going to my friend's place..
 U think I should clean up?? Nahhh..XD  sorry the mess..;__;



Thursday I'm going to go see Nephew <3 to Tampere with Noona, I'm so glad she wanted to come with me coz otherwise I would have had to go alone, always nicer together..:D I'm anxiously waiting it coz I wasn't able to go to their last gig in Finland which were in Helsinki..So now I finally got a chance to see them! <3 After the gig I'm going to Noona's place to spend the night..^^ gonna be good night! :D

Today came my orders yey!  <3 and and and 40 readers love u!

But now time to go make some food! bye! ^^

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Working girl

Heyh.. last monday I had this job interview for this job rental company.. They said that they would gladly take me there to work but there ain't suitable cleaning job (that's what I firstly applyed for) for me coz I can't get my self to tampere at 6am so the lovely lady who interviewed me said she will call me if there comes something suitable for me who's travelling by bus haha..:D

monday's outfit


So hour later she called me and said there's this postman job for friday in this big company's own post office thingy.. so there I spent my friday from 8am to 4pm..:D First it was only gonna be one day but I'm going to go there at next monday too..^^ glad to have something..:) and later there might be longer periods for working there..:D tho I'm quite scared I can't handle the job alone coz yesterday and monday I had and will have someone to help me, but later there might not be..;___; but we'll see..:P

friday's outfit
(quite boring but wanted to be comfy at work)

Had my cousin visiting us this week.. and we've had bakeing full week haha well okey two days..:D First one evening we decided to make pancakes: I made the paste and he baked them. Then on wednesday we made chocolate banana muffins..:D they were good but they didn't look like muffins at all..XDD Im quite sure that the paste did need something coz of the bananas were so moist and because that something missing they ended up looking like they were ~flat~..:D

I were planning my nail's for the up coming halloween meetup so now there's still the question what to were..:P well there's still few weeks left so no panic YET..XD

Today at evening I'm gonna go see my friends been long time since I last saw few of them..:) I quess we r gonna have a movie night..^^
P.S. Oh and herd this veery exiting but nerve racking thing about tsukicon Yumachi and Aina (egg models if someone didn't know) r coming to tsukicon to have their gig and signing thing..8DD it's way 'cool' to see them but scary like if u know what I mean..:DD
All for now byes ~!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tre gal meetup! 9.10.

Yeah and Im quite late with this..;__; been just doind lots of other things than being here on my laptop..:P 

So last saturday it was the first gal meetup in Tampere.. Meeting started at 14.00, but I was already at 10.00am at the city.. So checked few stores while waiting Noona to come..^^

 Noona and me

 Together with Noona we walk to the railwaystation were it was supposed to meet first.. there were only two gal's plus us and we started to think like what this will be with four gal's, but at the end there were 9 of us (which included 6 members of chokopura)..^^

We left at the station and went to eat to this noodlebar "Wrong noodlebar" the food were so good!
after eating we found ourselfs a good place to sit and talk inside but as quessed the guard came quite soon and send us outside..:P Luckily there's always the movie theatre to hang around where no one ever throws out..:D  there we were bubbling and stuff and at the rest of the meetup we went to sit in cafe were people then lefted on their own ways while the day were changing to evening..^^

 Ada and me

Had a fun day and hopefully we get more gal's to Tampere meetups in future..^^
few outfit pics and my makeup..

Next time bye! :D