Monday, 26 March 2012

Weekend with Milad!

Hey ya'll! On friday me and Milad my au pair 'soul sister' had a night out at the bigger village nearby.. We went to this so cozy and lovely bub in Beaconsfield with one of Milad's friend as our driver.. Had so much fun! 


On saturday as the days have been so summerish we had a picnic at the duck pond in the center of the village bought ice-cream, fruits and candy and just layed on the grass sun bathing and talking the whole afternoon! 


Later on saturday I had babysitting evening at 'home'.

Sunday I had planned to go to London to see British Museum and just hang around but as we were talking on friday Milad wanted to join me so we went together and spent the day going around the museum and after that some shopping! :D  

 The thing says 'Do not sit on the stairs' Uuups! We weren't the only ones tho! :D

 'Dum dum gimme some gum gum!'

 That you lot is the Cleopatra! 8)

My lovely companion Milad.. And to be honest this was an attempt to take a pic of R Patss look alike guy! He's there but not that you could really tell he looks like him! hehe 

Outfit of the day:

 Going back home..

Probably that will be our plan for next sunday too minus the museum and plus some sitting in hyde park if the weather is nice! :D  

Next time byes!


'Ello! Here's pics of my shoppings from last and this weekend! :) Been shopping alot while here but as I had to leave things home some are more than needed! :D (good reason to shop that is!)

Here's my last weekends shoppings!

Bag and book second hand together 1.50 from the local second hand shop! :D
Aaand my fave chocolate here!

And this Sunday's boughts! :D

Hurr hurrr Tom on the cover of 1883! 8) Plus separate collar and earrings..

bigger picture of the earrings..

That's all folks! Next time more about my sunday and rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The House and the village!

The UK 'home'..


 My door on the left..

Didn't take pics of the children's rooms..

And the village..

Next time with the newbies byes!