Friday, 18 January 2013

Home time + Xmas & NYE

Week after the Florence's gig I head out from the island and flew home to spent my Christmas and new year with my friends and family.

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Ahead was a lot of planned partying with my bestie Kati and promised night out with my little sister as we hadn't gone out together before after she turned 18.

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Right on the next day I got back we went to see The Hobbit with Kati and after that we had some clubbing ahead. We went to check out first time this indie rock club in Tampere and oh my! My hometown got a new thing in common with my fave UK city Manchester! The club is totally my usual place now! 


And you know where that led to: We were there quite many evenings on the coming weeks! ;D

My plan was to meet some more friends too but one thing I had to cancel as I got a bit sick. But one of our many clubbing nights my friend Noona joined us and it were so nice to meet her after a veeeeeeeeeery long time! 


On christmas my grandparents came over as traditionally and so the rest of the christmas went along those traditions too. Tho this time our christmas tree was a bit different than usual (it wasn't even fir tree but an cypress). Pretty it were still tho! :D


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On the boxing day (or Finnish Tapani's day) in the evening we had arranged a meeting with all out 'old' (as we are still friends all together) friends and we went out for drinks and then to the surprise surprise fave club for the rest of the evening. Had so much fun seeing all the friends who came, sadly not all who were invited were able to come.

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On new years eve me and Kati went to see the firework show that the city arranges every year at the river. It were really nice tho nothing compared to the one I saw here in the village on bonfire night! :D 
And our evening continued to the usual place! ;) Had a most fun NYE in maaaaany years! 

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And maybe a bit too fun as the next day I spent pretty much just sleeping haha. On the 2nd I flew back here to England. 

Had a really good two and half weeks back home and now I have the last weeks here until I go home for good (until the next time I'm here again ;) ).


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Florence + The Machine

So here comes the long gone events of the end of the year 2012 and the very first part of those.

On 6th of december I spent my Finlands independence day in a bit un-usual events. I went to see Florence and the Machine on London's O2 arena with my friend Mette.

joulu 015 

Bad-ass much!

Florence have long been one of my fave artists and so the gig were one of those things I've just wished to go and what better than here in UK and in her home city London.

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She is just amazing performer and singer her voice so strong and still so beautiful in every way. And the music powerful and yet so touching. 

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Another plus to the whole thing was that she had The Maccabees and Haim as warm up bands so I saw three good bands/artists at the same time! Just love when that happens! ;)

The Maccabees

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joulu_olymp 006

But less talk more pics and here's the rest of them!

Flo singing with TheMaccabees.

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Next post about my xmas and 'home holiday'.