Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I never say a word in case I come off needy
(warning loads of pics!!!!)

Last weekend were busy busy busyyyyyy! 8DDD first at thursday was Marina and the diamonds gig at Helsinki were I went with my friend Riku.. Then at tavastia two of Riku's friends came along Anu and Tiina.. had a wonderfull night with wonderfull music!

Hollywood kill

Marina's support band was this freaky weird duo called Hollywood kill but they were so good! <3 It's good that artists have those support bands coz from that way u always find new bands..:D


My gig outfit and almost the same outfit at friday morning but with Marina t-shirt..^^

At friday I left quite early from Hyvinkää back to Tampere and home coz at evening I was going to celebrate my friends b-day to Tampere..^^ went this "new"  bar/night club what ever thingy called Rodeo.. The place were like straight from some 80' american movie..:D just loved it! 

fridays party outfit..

There went the friday then and at saturday I left again to Tampere to spend our ex class party, first to one of my class mates place and there we left to nightclub..8DD Had so much fun seeing all my old class mates for a long time! <3

saturdays party outfit..

Sunday I spent just being lazy coz damn I were tired..XDDDD especially at monday when I had to woke up at 4.45 to left for work..>3<

at work.. yuw dirty mirror..:P

This weeks saturday it's our 5th gal meet up in Helsinki so again I'm going there been there now like every week since first weekend of november..XD and I have no idea what to wear..:P

and here's my winter jacket which I haven't shown any proper pics yet..^~^

oh oh and tomorrow after work IKEA shopping..8DD
But next time byes! <3

Thursday, 25 November 2010

 Gigs Gigs

So so so last week's thursday I went to see Imogen Heap's gig to Helsinki tavastia club with my friend Nitta and her friend Aino.. ^^ 


The gig were just pure awesomenes! I love the artists who r down to earth type and do their music because it's their true passion and life not because u get money of it! Such as Imogen and her support Ben Christophers, the music is so pure, and their voices no digital correction just their own pure and beautiful  voice.. that is what I enjoy most to listen.. it's like u can get in to the music and u can live the emotions and feelings (same thing? XD) with the artists...<333


Not more about the gig the greatness in a small package..^3^ but then I have few outfit pics from last week and this week..^^


Tomorrow I'm going to Helsinki again to see another brittish talent Marina (marina and the diamonds) one of my fave britt's (I can tell the list is long 8DD) with my godparent's son..^^ Yey yey been waiting this! ^^

the pullover is Imogen Heap's. bought it from the gig..^^

Then what else what else weekend's going to be just partying..8DDD friday it's my friends birthday so going to go celebrate that and then on saturday we r having a my ex class party/pre xmas party/my classmates house warming party..^3^ 
Gonna be so much fun to see all my classmates since spring when my school ended..^^

ps. got Ben's CD with autograph it were only 5€ :OOO <3

But that's all for now later! byes <3

Sunday, 21 November 2010

TRE Gyaru meet up vol. 2

Yesterday we had our second Tampere gal meetup.. We were at Vapriikki museum coz there were this anime manga japan thingy so we could be inside and not freeze outside..:DD

Thanx for Anna I didn't have to pay any of the ticket cos she had these free tickets to Vapriikki..^3^

Waiting other's to come and eating mandarins..

This time there were even less us than in last meetup but one new Viivi! ^^ and tho Helena were at there too but she were cosplaying so she didn't come with us..:P ^^
Group shots (which Helena took)..
Eve, me, Anna,  Ada, Noona and Viivi

The meeting started at 2pm and when everybody who came with us has camed, started the parapara lesson which finnparanoids kept, so we head out to there..^^

It was so fun to dance with a teacher coz I've only danced and learned with my self so it were more clear that way..:D

harasshing the samurai..XDD

After the parapara lesson we went to take pictures and see the bear show and gosh there were this HUGE stuffed bear, it were like bigger than a pony! O_____O XD I just hope I wont see that size of a bear face to face in our forest..XD

Then we found this bears nest thingy (for the kids that was hehe) and me and Ada crawled inside it..XD there was TV which showed finnish kids animation about bears..XD but afterwards we named it as a gyaru's nest..XD

inside the nest..

The clock were starting to get close to 4pm so we went to sit and talk in the cafeteria where soon
me Viivi and Ada left to home..^^

My outfit for saturday and make up..

On our way to the bus stops.. 
just loved the clock so had to take a pic of it..:D

Had fun day even tho again more gal's would have been nice..^^
but next time byes! ^3^


Sowwy hun's so late with this been busy busy the whole week..;__; 

Last weekend was this year's Tsukicon...^^ I lefted already at friday to my grandparent's place to spend my night coz it was early wake up at saturday.. Our fashion show rehearsals were at 9am.. So I woke up at 4.30am to get ready fresh and glowing after 4 hours sleep -> noooot..XD 


I met Sanni and Silja at the railway station and from there we left towards the gloria were the Tsukicon was held.. At the way we pump in to more gal's.. and together we all arrived to gloria.. When we got inside we waited Viivi to come so we could go to our dressing room.. First thing after I got in to the dressing room was that I checked from the mirror and all my "hard" work for the curls were almost all gone cos of the rainy weather...:PP 

my outfit (not for the show)

So we rehearsaled few times and everyone were getting nervous already even tho the show was at 6pm.. I were stressing out about how should I pose at the end of the runway but it went so quickly at the show I didn't even had time to think about it I just hope I didn't look complately dorky at there..XDDD

me Silja and Vivace girls! ^3^

After our rehearsals we were interwieved by Fuji TV they were makeing program about european gal's..:DD They were showing us pictures and words which they asked do we know about them.. there was pic of Tsubasa and the interwiever asked do we know who she is and I answered with the poker face that it's Tsubasa Masukawa..XD so yey me for saying the lastname wrong..XD FAIL!

After that we took our stuff's to other place which was our actual dressing room at the fashion show.. Then the rest of the time before the show me Sanni and Silja went to check the actual con and see friends..^^

Then it was time for the Yumachi and Aina Q&A and after that the special signing thing for 30 winners of the competition which I were luckily one of the 30..:DD I was little nervous about the whole thing going there on the stage to shake hands with them and take a picture..^^

At first we thought that how on earth we r going to spend the time between the rehearsals and the actual show, but the time flew like so fast that then we were already getting ready and stressing at the dressing room..8DD

The first round were so nerve racking but after the second one and our last group walk it felt like I wanna do more! :D Quite funny how u get in to it so quick first we all r nerving about it and afterwards everybody want's to go and do it again..^^

first outfit..

second outfit..

the final round..
I wasn't at the con at the second day at all tho I would have wanted but had to go back home..://

what I needed for the trip to home..8DD

But had a super duper weekend meeting new people and seeing already familiar ones..^3^ <3
thanks to all for the fun con!
ps. some of the pics from different blogs..^^