Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New stuff!

So we managed to get ourself's (me and my sis. and this happened at monday)to Tampere city to do some sale shopping..:D

Bought these two oversiced knit and t shirt/dress from ginatricot and god damn that place was like hell! XDDDD u didn't have space anywhere and u needed to fight ur way to those sale racks..XDDDD it was the shopping hell! XDDD

berret, two scrunchies and rings (rings r from flea market)..:D

heart shaped bag.. i've been wanting that coz i didn't have any small black bag and now it was on sale so had to buy it..^^

And these r from flea market too..^^ leopard printed knit and knit skirt..^^ the skirt is originally from pimkie! 8D just love that shop (went there when we were at my cousins place in germany)..^^

and that days look

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

came and went

So the christmas went again eating and watching tv :D haha this year's xmas was again same as every year our family's traditional way.. my grandparent's came as always, usually they have come on the eve of christmas eve but the weather was so bad so they came at christmas eve..^^ we planned to wake up early at the morning with my sister so we could watch this childrens xmas program called 'Joulupukin kuumalinja' in english 'santaclauses hot line'

i know doesn't sound like children's program XDDD (it has come as long as i remember). Well i missed almost the whole program coz i started to decorate the three and then i went to color this meme i were drawing..:P

then we ate rice porridge, went to sauna, ate christmas meal and opened the present's

and now pic's of present's and stuff..^^

my xmas look haha

and the present's i got

cute cute dress! :3

i got three books but in the pic there's only those two.. the third one was the fourth book of the twilight series which i already had so we r going to go change it to that second (new moon) and then i have all the books at myself..^^ the other book (not eclipse) that is in the pic i got from my friend..^^ and the cd it's from my cousins from germany, the band silbermond i haven't never herd of but the cd was sooo great..:D so it was a good 'risk' from them to buy it to me..^^

the thicker curler which i told earlyer..^^

and the gift from the china from my aunt..^^ it is a stamper with my name in chinese and western..^^ and the animal there is my chinese horoscope..^^

i quess that was all about it..^^

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Soooo close!

So now a huuuuge pic post before xmas starting..^^

And first about yesterday.. needed to wake up early goz i had to go to dentist >3< it was supposed to be just an regular checking oh teeth, but theb they found this hole in my tooth so they said that they r going to drill it right away..:P it hurt.. >3< so when we came home from there i started to make this gingerbread house..^^ it is only like an silhouette and u can put candles behind it..^^ looks like an old english mansion or something haha..:D

And i didnt have much time to do anything to my face before we left so no eye make up at all, but i did my hair littlebit difrently.. (love that bow -> founded it at my grandmothers place)..and sorry the pic is quite bad..:P

and here is natural me..haha ^^

Today the first thing that happened when i woke up was that i got freaked out that what the hell is under my head and then i recogniced it to be my own hand XD it was all gone numb..XDD
then needed to do some last minutes house cleaning tho my own room is all messed up.. i were too lazy to clean it..XD

and when i didnt have no more houseworks to do we started to play dancemania on playstation with my sister..^^

there's soo many cute japanese songs in there..:D always dancing those..haha ^^ and that's my sister's messy room..XDDDDD

Made xmas nail's..^^ i tried to find some ideas from magazines but didn't find anything good so made something out from my head well th idea of that blending color isn't mine but yeah..haha..^^

but there where sooo much all kinda cute outfit's and clothes all over the magazine's that it made me wanna go shopping all new.. luckily there's going to be sales soon so yey yey..good bye for money..XD

and gosh i've been searching this popteen's model's name coz i only know it like this 大嶋瑞恵 so if there's someone who know's her name in romanji it would be nice to tell me..haha ^^ i love her haircolor (wanna have that kinda too..^^)

those outfit's just soooo cuteee!

here it end's see u soon after xmas i quess..^^ happy holiday's everyone! ^3^

Monday, 21 December 2009

Starting to look like x-mas~

So now it has started the long waited holiday! haha..:D we've been burning candles at evenings (being the only light) since saturday..^^ it so nice how it feel's so cosy and lovely..<3 make's u wanna grab a good book, take a blanket and bury ur self to the corner of a couch..^^
and whaaa only two day's and it's christmas eve! yey yey!

my messy room

I fryed marshmallow's today.. i dont like them that much like "raw" but when u fry them it's soooo yummyy..:3 and i got my tonque burned >3<
looks quite suspicious XDDD

i didn't have time to buy a christmas present for my friend Kati so i hired my sister to buy her something coz they went to shop xmas food's of course she called me and asked what would be good and what she had founded soooo hopefully it's good what she bought..^^ im always too late with these gift things and im soo poor to buy anything coz i mostly dont have a clue what would be good..:P and always getting that feeling when i get present from someone that "oh no again i got this nice present and mine is just naah..:P" need to practise for that if it's even possible..XDD

Thursday, 17 December 2009


It has get cold in here! this week it's been like between -14 to -20 ...O3o well tho it's good coz then there will be snow and all the places looks so glittery white and pretty! <3

Yesterday i kept my day off.. and today it felt i could have been home too coz i needed to woke up at 5am and then i was at the office already at 7am and all the six hour's that i was at office i didnt do anything (except drew and red this fanfic of jareth and sarah..8D) so yey way to go work day..hahaha..:D

(dirty window..XD)

One day left and then XMAS HOLIDAYYYYY!!!! \(^3^)/ and after i get from work tomorrow im going for christmas shopping with my dad..^^ (believe it or not he's quite a shoppaholic..hahah 8DDD)
It's so hard to believe that only week and then it's xmas..:DD thinking way back its just feel's that it was just yesterday when it was still like month to go.. so the time flyes..:P ^^ sometimes it's good and sometimes not..:P

I need to soon left to watch my little sister's christmas school play..:P they were about to keep it at outside first but coz it's so cold there (luckily) it's inside..^^

havent been wearing that vest since last year..:D already forgotted how i liked it..:D

Saturday, 12 December 2009

week left..

Can't wait can't wait!!! 8DDDD week to go and then xmas holidayyyyy! :D actually my holiday starts already at thursday or friday coz ive been doing extra hours at work, and the reason for that is that i didn't want to load my buss card for holiday so im going with my boss (she lives near us) and she's doing longer days so i get a free day or two of the hours ive been doing over..^^ Then i have looooots of things i wanna do at holiday: need to paint a pic to this one shirt i have and then i have lots of drawing ideas (tho ive been drawing already some stuff's)and then theres two pair of shoes that ive planned to paint too..^^ and then of course the long waited xmas!! i just love xmas! not just because u get presents but i like the foods and the whole thing, the feeling of it.. decorating the three and house.. candle's, smell's and then there's always coming good programs and movies from tv..XD hahah..

Talking about presents, im going to have not sure is it wider or thicker the right word when talking about curling iron..haha but hopefully u get the idea..^^ i had this like million years old one and its soo thin that the curls u get r so tiny..^^

It's been already like a christmas feeling coz its been snowing and there's still snow falling from the sky actually..^^

Then some pics from past week..^^

I totally almost forgot to show my new nails..^^

Sunday, 6 December 2009


Finally i managed to go shopping yesterday..:D
tho i went alone coz my sister had something else to do and then my friend didnt answer to my textmessage..:PP but well sometimes its nice to go alone, u can go where u want and spent as much time u want trying things on..^~^
I wasnt supposed to spent money as much as i did hehe, but what can u do when there's allkinda lovely things..^__~' ;D

-the knit was like soooo perfect just what ive been looking for! :DD
-and now i can start to read the last book of the twilight series it was like 15 euros cheaper than originally..:D
-those vest and dress were soo cute i had to buy them and they were in sale too..:D
-then some panties
-nailpolish (nowdays always when im at shops i buy new nailpolish..XD)

-emery boards
-and my favourite chocolate!<3 :DD

then there was this reaaally cute dress actually a nightgown but it could be used as a summer dress..^^ i didnt bought it but i brobably get it as a xmas present..^3^ it shows a little in this pic :3 (the pink thingy) there was mint green too and im not sure yet wich color i wont both were cuuute..>3<

Then something else..^^
i listened korean net radio and found this new band called 엠블랙 (MBLAQ)<3 they debuted in October 9, 2009 so they r a very new group..^^
good music and reaally hot guys..;DD their mv for the song "oh yeah" is just rawr the choreography m mm..;D (fan girling XDD) haha Lee Joon is my fave boy! <3

Friday, 4 December 2009


Again time to sleep some sleep debts away..XD And i wanna go shopping!!! >3< and then i want xmas holiday to start and owl citys t-shirt and and and..
today my teacher visited at the work place where i am to check what ive been doing there and the place..:PPP it was quite disturbing..XD and i got my advertisement that i did in this one newspaper..:D cool ha!? ^^

I dont know what should i write here coz now its almost been only what ive been thinking or doing..:P and i would like to do something else..:P but what could that be? ô__o i dont have many readers (not atleast many "official") but if u have any suggestions i would be glad to know what would u like to read here..haha..^^ so comments r veeeery welcomee! ^~^

and here's again pics from the week..:P