Thursday, 27 January 2011

100 and 1 dalmatians! 
wait, no, readers!

Thank u thank u sooo much! <3 <3 <3 
this I've been waiting for! next goal 200 ;DD

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Saturday shopping

Last saturday I was supposed to meet my friend at Tampere and to go shopping and talking and stuff but when we were supposed to meet I called her and she said that she's little sick so it wouldn't be good to go.. soooo as I already were there and I had time till 4pm to be there I was like how I'm gonno spent the time.. 
saturdays outfit..

so few hours I checked some stores and then I was getting bored as hell so I called to my other friend that I were there if she would like to go and take a cup of hotchocolates with me.. 

long shirt/tunic
playsuit (looks better on) 
and shirt

Luckily she were just getting off from work and so we met few minutes later.. It were so nice to see her for a long time and she's that kinda friend we always have so much to talk about when we see each other and we always have fun..:D

After our "coffee" brake she had to leave and I had still an hour till my mom's work day ended so went to few stores again even tho my feet were killing me ->walking with the new shoes..>3<

current nails looking quite crappy coz
I didn't clean the edges..:P

At the end It was good day even tho I didn't get to see my other friend..:P oh and as I got home my friend from here came to an short visit too..^^

Tomorrow I'll go to see HURTS second gig here in Finland.. quite nervous about it but anxiously waiting gonno be a good good night with Kati and the boys on the stage!..;DDD

Next time byes! ^3^

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Order's and last pics from Stockholm..

This is coming later than I planned to post these but some how the time went fast again and even my newest order which I did after the last post came..:D so here it comes now..

on the bus on our way to Helsinki..
 sunday's outfit..

monday's outfit..

previous nail's I had (first try with the fimo sticks)
I should make some new ones but haven't decided yet what to do..:P

 Then my order's this is the newest one  flower troupe's Phantom 2006 pamphlet
with Haruno Sumire <3 +the extra gifts two flyers/posters 
and picture of  Phantom (Haruno Sumire)
 (flyer/posters from The Scarlet Pimpernel 2010 and Mei's Butler 2011)

Phantom and Cristine

Then the older ones flower troupe's Elisabeth 2002 pamphlet with Haruno Sumire again 
ofcourse my fave topstar ever! +the extra gifts two flyers/posters 
and picture of  Der Tod (Shizuki Asato)
 (so glad that the flyer/posters r from plays with Mizu Natsuki as otokoyaku one of the fave's too 
and the plays r Rock on! 2010 and The Dawn at Solferino 2010)

Tod and Elisabeth
 Tod and Elisabeth

And the clothes I ordered: skirt, foxtail and dress which is quite short so some shorts needed..:D
I ordered shoes too but don't have picture of them yet so gonna take that later..^^

But all for now Byes! <3

Thursday, 13 January 2011

picture HEAVY!


Hellou hellou back from the neighbourhoods..:D Had I great cruise even tho the time at the ship were quite boring coz there wasn't thst much things to do but I still liked being there too..:D but the best part was on monday morning when the ship arrived to Stockholm and then the shopping started..;D 

I spent the whole previous evening studying about how the metro thing is working in Sweden because there was this one japan shop that I wanted to go and it's like 3,5 km away from the harbour, so we managed to get ourselves (me and my sister) to the SL center were we could buy the tickets first we were little unsure that r we going to find the right line and all but it was quite easy now thinking it afterwards and so we get to the right place..8DD

After I got what I wanted we started to walk towards the center where the shops were and there all the way back to the harbour again.. 

On our we way we were just talking about how the streets were like soooooo icey that soon someone will fall and few steps further I went down..XDDD

On the center there were 3 H&M's all side by side and the biggest of them were like HUGE if u compare to what we have here in Tampere..8DD we were scared that we will get lost in there and never found our way out..XD

after walking through the center we got to the Old City part (Gamla Stan) were is the king's castle and all those so beautifull little streets and old buildings <3

There were this one particular street I wanted to go and get some pics of.. The street that we used me and my friend in our school's degree work, our vampire animation..;D so had to go there to walk the same street our vampire "walked"..:)

here it is:

Here's my boughts from the trip (not including da alcohol hehe):
(lots of red I see 8D)

Coz of the pic-zha heavy post.. I will show the outfit pics and some random stuff I have in my phone in the next entry.. +arrived orders from da Asia! ;DDD
Until next time byes! <3

Monday, 3 January 2011

New year's morning..

Happy new year 2011! Little late but better than nothing..^^  

My new year's eve went quite normally as any other friday night.. coz I didn't have any plans or partyes to go I were at home with mom and dad..:P So watched movies ate chocolate and other snacks..:) 

We had only few fireworks which were left over's from last year.. and then a bag of all kinda little sizzling and hissing things..XD

pic from last tuesday when I went to see Noona and Viivi to tampere and at evening I went to movies with Kati to check the newest Narnia 3D..:) I wonder why I didn't take any pic of my outfit..:PP

Promissed few posts back to show the last fleamarket boughts so here they r..
two cardigans 3€ and 0,7€ :D the grey one is long..

Then my xmas presents 
(not including the gift from my friend and the money and earrings I got :P)

Aaaand my few latest shoppings from sales..
 t-shirt with the cameo style print H&M, and the other t-shirt and top from GT 
fur vest from local supermarket..:D
 these weren't in sale and bought already before x-mas 
just love those little scissors ^~^
 pocket watch I've been drooling since it came to GT 
and now it were the last one and 50% off <3
heart earrings from seppälä..

Been trying not to buy much stuff from the sale's here coz next weekend I'm going to go for a two nights cruise to Stockholm Sweden..:D the ship lefts at sunday and the monday it's in Stockholm, at monday evening it heads back to finland and at tuesday morning it's back to Helsinki..:D can't wait can't wait!

current nails.. the top color is blue 
not black as it looks in this pic..^^

Check check out what the british mail sended me! ticket's find theyr way to home 
*rock drop's of my shoulders* I were so worried that they won't come in time or get lost in somewhere..:P

All for now hun's hope u had good new year's eve and hopefully this year will be awesome as the last one! :D  byes! <3