Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Never dawn, never day..
Quick post with outfits..^^
Friday I went with my friend for a coffee (even tho I don't drink coffee haha).. after that I were few hours at home and then I left to my other friend's place coz she were having party..

friday's outfit

Made an order to yesstyle today, coz there was this free shipping when paying with paypal and there was this denim vest I've wanted to have tho I bought two other things too..:D  but u see them when the package comes..^^

Next post I might be writing about things that made me thought about things.. 
(about gyaru's)

Next time Bye! ^^

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sometimes u just had to admit..
(lots of pics)

APOLOGIES!!! My dear readers it's been eleven days since I last posted that veery quicky post and I promised to show u some new stuff am I right!? and that we went shopping with my lil' sis'..^^

So here r the things I bought when we were shopping..^^

these two from fleamarket

big knit from ginatricot

shirt from kappahl

then the dress i bought two weeks ago, the dress everybody has..8D
and there's no wonder why coz it's so cute,
and it has this Liz Lisa feeling in it.
dress from kappahl
first I bought this in black coz the store were I bought it didn't have it in white
so when we went shopping I went and changed it to this white..^^

Then my orders..:D

My yesstyle order..<3

And then the one I waited like the rising moon..
My Hurts cd and bag <333
ordered these from germany coz I wanted to have that bag too, but there was one broblem..
the website didn't send items to finland..:/ but luckily my lovely uncle lives in germany and he ordered it for me! and then I didn't even need to pay it for him coz he said that I can have it as b-day present! <3

Here's outfit pics from last and this week..

last thursday..

had shorts underneath

last saturday I had my long waited party time, me and Kati went clubbing..
had so much fun and a wonderfull night! and here's my outfit..
didn't have time to take better picture so here's the only one..:P

then outfit from monday when my hygiene proficiency certificate
(long word) course started
(lasted two days)
looks like there some dirt in my pants
but it's in the mirror..:P

I were so nervous about the test in the end of course that I will not get trough it,
but when I got my test back my points were 40/40..:O I were like wow I knew those things..:DD
so yey got it done!

and tuesdays outfit
 yey for the same pose..>3< haha

all for now see ya bye! ^3^

Friday, 10 September 2010

Stick or twist the choice is ur's, 
hit or miss what's mine is ur's..

Hello hello! So last monday I were at the movies..^^ the movie were so good! I were laughing my ass off..8DD tho there were few that were like 'oh that wasn't so funny, went little over the board' jokes.. But deffinately it wasn't movie for those who hasn't seen the twilight saga films coz u won't get the jokes..:P ^^

my outfit from monday..
(sorry for the bad quality of these..>3<)

Tomorrow shopping with my sis after her school ends..^^

This was just quick post and next time new stuff's and my orders from yesstyle..^^

p.s. hopefully my Hurts cd and  bag is coming tomorrow!<3 ^~^
bye! <3

Monday, 6 September 2010

DJ were u at?!

I wanna go out and danceeee! It's long time since I last time were in the bar/club damn! 

Hehe I got something else too but I've been just listening dance music and had to let it out..8D so so so It was my birthday last wednesday and as normal I didn't have any party, tho it would have been nice but my bells r always ringing too late..:P and it's always hard to arrange anything coz there's always that how to get some place to other when living here in the forest..:P and then I can't arrange anything to our place coz it's way too small for partying..:P Atleast we r going movies with my girl Kati tomorrow..^^ 
 going to go watch this->
Just love parodies of the films I like (when they r good)! :D

and today we had this small b-day cake and coffee thing with my family..:) 
 As a birthday present from my parents I got speakers to my laptop! yey, Been wanting them since I got this pc coz now I can listen music with good sound and not that crappy internal speaker anymore..:D

Few outfit pics from thursday and friday..

All for now bye! ^3^

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Iz mah b-day

Gosh that it feels weird to think that I'm 19.. nineteen! so it means year and I'm twenty..O___O I don't feel my self 19 at all.. I don't feel older at all compared to what I felt 3 years ago..:D well that's what it is I quess that u don't notice at all how the time goes and then boom u r 30..8DD haha well hopefully not that quickly..XD
But here's something else few new stuffs that I bought last week..
 berret and nerd glasses from seppälä
bracelet from Lindex
I just loved those little chairs in it.. I've all gone mad with those little charms in jewerlyes.. everytime I see something cute I just had to buy it..^^
 Then DVD's two my fave movies and then I've wanted to see the Perfume,
so bought it too it was only 4€
And my birthday present from my friend Kati..<3 
 Luckily Kati knows what I like and there they r again cute little charms..^^
That was all for now, don't have any outfit pics coz I've been just home now..:P 
but next time bye! ^^ 
oh almost forgot this funny pic of our cat..