Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday it were the Christmas eve, which is the day we here in Finland have the main celebration day. Tho as in my family we celebrate it traditionally so Christmas continues still today and tomorrow. 

On Christmas eve we open the presents and decorate the tree.

Here's my presents:

-BBC, Sherlock 1st season
-Granada, Sherlock Holmes Returns 
-Heart Magnet -secret of attraction, book
- new planket (which obviously isn't in the pic
-manicure set & eyeshadow palet
-OBH Nordica volumaster 
-bracelet (not in the pic eather)
-lace scarf

And the promised picture of my new hair!

This is how I looked yesterday:

Everyone have a wonderful xmas and enjoy yourselfs! <3
 Next time byes!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Three nights to christmas!

Hey there! So how's ur xmas preparations going on!? :D 

I my self haven't felt like it's even coming for some reason, tho I've made the gifts and been singing xmas songs with kids at work and kindergarden is all decorated but still..:P

And I wanna get that exciting feeling you always have and the tingling in your tummy! Hoping it will come at least on friday when it finally is one night away! Then I'm sure it starts when putting the decorations on at home and bringing the xmas tree and all.

Party look from weeks ago..

So finally my new extensions arrived so be prepared for different looking me when I next time post! ;) A hint: mentioned already something few posts earlyer and the second hint is BURGUNDY! 8)

But for now pics of the xmas presents to me from myself. Latest internet orders..

Poncho style cardigan
Knit with embed high collar shirt
 3/4 sleeves and flower lace

And the jewelry..

 This red one came free, 
don't know why maybe they made a mistake or something,
but I don't mind. I like it! :D
Last saturday we made an sudden shop trip to the town with my dad coz I needed something for the gifts I'm giving so found these from sale:

Rings, elephant and blue stone.
Dark blue leggings and thin white tights with hearts.

Aaaand these two tops.

Next time byes! Probably at christmas! :D x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Patrick Wolf AaaaUuuuu!

So last weeks Saturday I went to Salla's place in Tampere where our friend Reeli from Tallin came too to have fun with our girl group! :)

Saturday night we went out to party and on sunday shopping and going around the city.

Monday me and Reeli left to Helsinki to see Patrick Wolfs gig which were on tuesday. Monday night we spent walking around and trying to find some nice place from Helsinki to have few drinks and have fun, which I can tell for people who's not from there it's quite hard job coz all the nice places were so full or too expensive for our budjet..:P

(for those who know! ;) )

So finally after torturing our feet we found this one ok place. What made it okey was the cheap prices and good music otherwise it were kinda usual.

Tuesday were our independence day and so almost all the places were closed except restaurants and some bars. So we took our morning relaxed getting ready for the gig at evening. Went to eat and then back to the hostel to spent some time before leaving to the center where we quite soon after that went to queue.

My first time seeing him live and oh my he's so talented played at least four different instruments and that voice! So strong, lows and highs! Got the chills when he started and afterwards felt so happy!
That's the thing with him everytime I listen he's music atleast the latest album I get so happy, happy for him which is werid as if I knew him personally, but he just have's this effect that makes me so happy for him for all he's got! Plus he's so adorable, the smile and all! <3

Wednesday we left home Reeli to Estonia and I back here in the forest and spent like 3 hours and 40 minutes on the bus! First from Helsinki to Tampere and then from Tampere to home.. -____-'

Too much Mc Donalds and too much long nights but it were awesome as always with my girls! <3

Next time byes! :3

Thursday, 8 December 2011

UK Boughts

So here's in pictures my UK shoppings from the previous trip as promised..

And then few jewellery that I bought from sale at Kappahl

(quite bad photo of these)

Next time about Patrick Wolf! :)
See ya!