Monday, 14 November 2011

Time of my life

Funny thing happened I posted after weeks and I lost two followers..;__; Okey well yeah that wasn't the point of this entry! :D

So not sure anymore did I tell you that I got a part time job at our local kindergarden! I love to be there coz it doesn't feel that much of an job and you never get bored! :)
Been there now since september and now doing only few days now and then when needed, so that's the only negative thing about it..:P

And one negative side for blogging: less photos of outfits etc. I look crap everyday coz well being with kids would be weird to be all dolled up..:) But atleast I have now some outfit pics I've taken when ever I've looked like human haha..:)

And then I planned to do this new stuff post of the things I bought from the last trip to uk about week ago..:)

Fell in love with the color of Viivi's red wig and as I've had this hair color for ages I've been planning to becoming a red head.. about the actual color I'm not sure but not like this Ariel red red..:P So hopefully it will suit me..:P

This post ended up being me me me.. but next time only stuff..:)

Byes! <3

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Two Years gone!

My blog has it's second birthday on 7th of november and I totally missed it!  -____-' 

Then a huge apoligies to my readers who have stayed all this silent blogger life of mine! I've been a veeeery bad blogger since september! SHAME ON ME!

But what have happend between these almost two months: travelling (Estonia, UK), lots of Hurts and meeting lots of lovely people from all over the world! <3 Been massive and amazing and I don't have words to describe it all!

But as I'm sure you want to see pictures here's some of the newest ones from London!

Wednesday we got to London..

We went to see The Heartbreaks <3

Thursday we had shopping day around the city 
and later at the evening we had a bub crawl of our own..

  Me and my girls! <3 Finland, Estonia and Latvia..

Friday were the big day with Hurts gig at the evening but before that we spent our day in
cemetary at northern London and went to see the Tower..


Hurts enough? ;)

Yes the white figure there is Kylie Minogue! 8) 

Saturday we took a bus to Manchester.. Shopping and partying northern style! ;3

Sunday evening having cappuccinos and belgian waffles 
before our bus to Stansted airport left..