Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Saving money..

Hey there you lot! My november looks pretty good at the moment. On the first weekend which is little over week to go my baltic babes are coming to London town and I'll be spending the weekend there. We'll start with The Heartbreaks gig that is on thursday and then two days of strolling around London and having fun! Going to be so great been few months already since we last met! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

My nails at the moment..

Then later on on 23rd me ans Maria are heading up north to have a long weekend in Manchester! Been a year almost since I were there the last time and oh I've missed it! :D Been wayyyyy too long!

So yes as the tittle said I've been saving money for these and haven't been going out that much now.

But here you go some pictures from last saturday when we had a 'Vintage' tour in London.

Mr. Tietjens had forgotten he's hat! ;D 

We started from Notting Hill and Portobello market then we went to the east side to Brick Lane and Spitalfields.

And as it has turned out to be a tradition to have a Starbucks break with Maria, we finished the day at Liverpool stations Starbucks.

Then my boughts which I wasn't supposed to buy eh eh! :D

19th century photos of random Brits. These have been just fascinating me when ever I've seen these and now finally decided to buy few interesting looking faces! :D It's quite weird tho if you think about it having photos of real people from the past that you have no idea who they are! :)

Then few old photo copies of paintings. Going to use these as decorating 
just need to buy some frames for them!


 Second hand coat, not so vintage other than the style of it! Got it for 15 pounds quite a bargain coz the brand itself bought as new is quite expensive what I googled! :)


 And Cat Kidston tea cup! And it's HUGE! No more refilling those tiny Moomin mugs that my host family only owns! ;)

And random picture to the end, I had Pac-man on my ceiling by accident! Had to laugh when I saw it! :D

Friday, 5 October 2012

Weekends very similar

On 22nd we were supposed to go all together me Maria and Mette to the movies to see Anna Karenina but as we had a quite long night on the day before girls were too tired to go. So I went on my own feeling half death myself too but as I don't like to change my plans I got my self ready and out.

The movie oh my world it's so amazing, the sets, the costumes, the characters everything ah and ah! Now I just need to get myself read the book which I'm sure is even better! (luckily mom said we have it back home)

The Saturday went pretty much just being lost with my head on 19th century Russia! ;D On the evening tho after hearing sad news from Mette on Friday (her host family sent her home) we had to go out again as our last night out for then. Her plane was leaving around 6 on that Sunday morning. 

On Sunday me and Maria went to London to spent some money! :)

The weekend after (last weekend) on Saturday I went to see Anna Karenina again I just had to and when I got a 2 for 1 voucher and Maria wanted to see it too why not! ;) And believe me I could go and see it for the third time! *waiting for the DVD*

And on Sunday London again this time we weren't supposed to do shopping but we did some anyway the main reason was to go around places Maria wanted to see. :)

Today it's been 7 months since I came here gosh the time runs so fast! :D Now I'm just starting to be a bit worried do I have time anymore to do things I wanted to do and see while I'm here! :D Oh well need to do some serious planning! At least I'm seeing Florence and the Machine on December one thing out of my list! ;)

Here's what I bought..

This picture I were lazy and just put everything in so here you can find
2 x tights, black fitting dress with lace, dark green skinny trousers, burgundy red heels,
brown fake leather shoes, cross earrings and a back combing brush.
Better pics of the dress and trousers when I'm wearing them! :)

Next time byes!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Birthday with the UK team

Two weeks after I got back from home we had a night out with my au pair girls as Maria had her birthday on  10th of september. We celebrated together with two other au pairs Mette and her friend from London and we went to this club in Beaconsfield for the first time. 

My look for the previous friday night
when we had a quick drink at the pub.

I had little fun with my hair while deciding what to wear for our
birthday partying.. The outfit stayed hair didn't..:)

We started our evening at Maria's and then left to the club. Crazy night but oh we had fun! ;D

UK Team! <3 p="p">

The next day we all were pretty glued to our beds: tired and hangover! But as Milad came back to a new family with her boyfriend at the start of september she came to have a little visit here so I had to get my tired self up and out. Were so nice to meet her after few months! :)

Next time byes!