Sunday, 25 July 2010


Next week Im going to spend at my aunts place in Oulu.. there's my cousins wedding at friday.. so Im quite sure I can't do post from there so u need to wait until I come back and I hopefully have pics from the wedding and other stuff from there so I can do somekinda post about it..^^ 

Been thinking my head off what will I take with me coz week is quite long time when talking about leaving somewhere..:P and the bag is problem too I don't wanna take too big but it can't be too small eather..:P 

we r leaving tomorrow with my sis.. going by train and the trip takes 5 hours..>3<  tho I like travelling long distances especially by car..^^

Something from the past week went to check the new Ikea at Tampere.. Bought mirror small table for my computer aand two pillows.. which I need to make pillowcases..^^ And gosh there were soooo much things I wanna have!! Everytime I've went to Ikea I always get this feeling of oh I wanna move to my own appartment! :D But still I like living here with my family but few years and I'm off (when I have money for that) haha.. ^^

Made strawberry cake of strawberryes from our own garden..^^ 

Now Im off to get my things packed up..byeee ^^

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Monday was the long waited concert of Muse and White lies as a support..<3 Both my favourite bands.. I was literally jumping on walls when I red that White lies is going to be as a support..:D

The concert was in Helsinki and we me and Kati went there by bus that were organized for the concert.. The bus left at 2pm and were in Helsinki at 4pm when the gates opened.. 

White lies

Before we went to queue we bought tour T-shirts..

Harry- White lies

We waited few hours before the first support band finnish Manna started to play and again about an hour before White lies started.. and then again an hour before Muse started..

Matthew- Muse


Little upset that I didn't take that much pics of White lies..:/ but atleast I have few..^^

Then my outfit from monday..

Coz of the concert I wasn't able to go this Gal meeting which was in Helsinki too.. it would have been so nice to see other gyaru's and meet new people.. luckily there's plans to keep that gal meeting again so waiting for that..^^

And that was all for now bye! ^^

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Kuru fest and the sunday after

On saturday it was Kuru (place I live in) market's.. it's an tradition at every summer.. few day's long Kuru fest which includes the market's at center and some music show here and there..

Don't have pics from there but here's my outfit..
Manki wasn't that happy to be in the pic..:D

by the way here u can see my new hair color..:D

At evening we went out with Meri to check the night life of Kuru 
and I can tell it looked like the whole Kuru were on the move..XD

At sunday Meri asked me to go on a trip to Murole's canal.. so we left at 8pm..

there is small cafe/grill thing there so we ate frenchfries and after that we just walked there and went sit to this bridge had fun bubbling and walking..^^

Next post will be about the Muse's gig from yesterday..:D next time byees! ^^
Summer and strawberries

I decided not to do the new things post after all coz u have seen most of them on the pics on me so here's only few newest things..^^

onepiece from seppälä
 and vest which goes well with the top

cancan hat modifyed from the original.. the brim were too wide
so I unstitched it and added that bow..

and ruffle skirt.. first I thought that Im just gonna try it coz it didn't look that good at the hanger
but when I tryed it on it was so cute so I had to buy it..:D

We made pancakes with my sister on thursday and ate them with cream and strawberries yum yum..^^

this is what u get when something goes horribly wrong at bakeing pancake..XDD

yep the cream went buttery.. it didn't taste bad tho..:D

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hot hot tamale!

So came and went our farewell party to guys.. Had so much fun swimming going sauna, hanging, playing games and yeah beeing up all night (slept 2 hours at morning hehe) 8DD 

My outfit and meiku for our party..

When I got home at sunday I went straight to change my clothes to bikinis and spent the next two hours sleeping in the sun.. And that was a really good thing to do.. coz I were so tired I managed to keep myself just lying there in the sun coz mostly I just get frustrated about the heat and just lying still..:P so now I got tanned..:DD

Monday we went to swim to my little sisters godparents pond which is like half a kilometer from us.. her godfather made the pond himself and they have a little cottage there too even tho they r our neighbours..^^

Wednesday we had huge thunder storm..:P it was raining as pouring from a bucket.. But it was good little freshing to this tropic.. tho it didn't any help inside.. especially my room that is in upstairs is like sauna..-___-' sleeping is the worst thing and wakeing up at morning feeling like ur all tangled with ur sheets..:P but no can do..

And here is my new nails ignore the messiness..

and now byees! ^^

Saturday, 10 July 2010

MoVieS mOviEs

Monday I went to watch Twilight - Eclipse with my friend.. You can tell the director were changed it was so much better than the first and second movie.. but still can't beat the book..;P

my outfit from monday..

ignore the hand..XD

I made an order last week to yesstyle and the package came at tuesday..
this is what I got..

just fell in love to it and then had to buy it..:D 
good thing was that it didn't cost much..^^

Then on tuesday too we made a little shopping with my sister 
and here's what I bought
Together all these were only 5€ :OO

vest about 15€.. got this 50% off


Yesterday I went movies again with my other friend.. we watched The Prince of Persia.. It were better than I expected and it were done nicely (occupation sickness XD)

and outfit -half of it- from friday..

Oh almost forgot ordered some new hair too last week and got them at wednesday..:D the color is strawberry blond and now I'm just waiting my mum to pring me new hair color from supermarket so I can dye my hair..^^

Today I'm going at my friends place.. we have party to our fellow guy's who r leaving to army next monday or tuesday not sure.. hopefully we have a fun night..:D atleast lots of people coming..:D so need to get my self ready soo byyyes! to the next time! <3

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tracon V and stuff

Last weekend it was Tracon, con that is held in Tampere.. I went there with Jasmin and her little sister Katariina.. Had a fun weekend..:D 

On saturday I woke up after 4 hours sleeps (coz of the night out with friends in our local bar restaurant -> home at 3 am hehe..8D) At Tampere talo where tracon were held Jappe and her sister were already there, i was at around 12.30..  So lots of walking around and checking some counters and then watching the cosplay competition.. 

Tampere talo


from saturday my outfit and face 

Jappe and her sister came to our place coz of tracon being two dayed (is that a real word?) so sunday again the same thing.. but on sunday there was group cosplay competition which is my favourite.. and then we went to this panel about yakuzas.. It was quite interesting but Jappe and Katsu needed to left at the middle so I left alone soon after it ended I lefted home too..

aand sunday's outfit and face

things I bought
pockys and don't remember the name of those sticks
but somekinda crunchy salty things 4 different flavors

 and then Ouran high school host club 10 and 11..^^
one of my favourite serieses <3

Overall there were very little any interesting programs which was a shame..:P but luckily the weather was good..:D

and to the end my fridays outfit..

and my current nails just something simple and quick

Hopefully I remembered all I needed to write..:D
but next time byees! ^^