Monday, 25 January 2010

Weekend when everything happened so fast and at the end nothing

We went to watch the Avatar movie yesterday it was just awesome! all those graphics and all just mind blowing! loved it! <3 and it was so sad..;___; it was the first 3D movie i saw and it is quite effective effect..:D haha especially loved when they showed comercial's of coming movie's and there came this alice in wonderland (from tim burton <3) and when the cheshire cat's head came out from the screen like straight in front of ur face..8DDD it looked awesome can't wait for the movie to come!

at saturday i was out with one friend but not anymore of that..
feeling quite miserable but just had to write today coz i have freeday from school so i have time to do this..^^

so the learning on job came and went and now it's time to go back to real school..:P i had fun at my work place and could be that im going to get some job from there too so, happy for that..:D

at wednesday and tuesday morning the sky were soo pretty! i just love those winter sun rises and sets with the sky in red..:D

tuesdays sky:

wednesdays sky:

and my breakfast..:DD fruit jam..yum yum baby food..haha

more winter pic's from saturday when i waited the bus..

that's all for now..^^

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


This post is going to be just outfit pic's (bad ones love da phones camera..XD) from last weeks..:DD soo..

Gaahrgh beeen too busy (lazy) to post anything for few weeks but now i got a hold of my self and started to write..:P there's been maaaany things i wanted to write but i always had something else to do or didn't even rememner what was i supposed to do.. and now im afraid that i can't even remember what i wanted to write..XD complicated..haha

I still haven't get any pics from new year so i quess i have to forget doing post of it..:P

The night out with girl's went nicely and i had fun dancing and hanging around..:D first we were supposed to go to Onnela but there was this huge line in front of it, first we waited there for a while, but coz there were like -20*c we decided to check this other place Emma, there wasn't line at all so we went there and it was actually good coz one of my other friend were there so i got to see her too..:D

this is how i looked (don't have a whole pic of my outfit..:P and i started to curl my hair littlebit too late so i needed to hurry with them so the curls r quite lame..:P

It's been a party season to me now coz first it was new year then my friends birthday party then girls night out and last friday the same friend had home party..:DD haha

It's the last week of my on-the-job learning and then need to get back to school.. don't like to get back..:P and then i need to start thinking and doing my degree work with my friend..:P hopefully it's not going to be very stressful.. we r going to make an animation..:D

and then from things to other.. bought new thing's again..XD and i shouldn't do that now coz i know that i have Depeche Mode's gig (2.2.)coming so need money to that trip (bus tickets, maybe some band stuff.. t-shirt maybe..:D and food) can't wait can't wait!! <3 but yeah the stuffs..

top which i use as a dress, it was the only size left and it is two sizes too big..:P and then i have wanted to have a headband with bigger bow and finded that cute yellow one..^^

my camera stopped likeing me and focused all the pic's to somewhere else than me >3<

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Been awhile i haven't posted anything (being just too lazy)but im going to do somekinda post about my new year..^^ when i get some pics from my friend first..^^ and now im showing (again) new things i bought at monday (monday starting to look like some kinda shopping day 8DD haha)

found this shirt or tunic, good for going out or something..^^ and i had watched this earlyer (happy that didn't bought that then coz now it was only around 7e (normally 23e so it was a good deal..:DDD and love it!

this folklore style dress + vest i had seen earlyer too and it was same price as the tunic..^^

pretty pretty necklace wich had this like cameo jewerly style pic of women..^^ and i just love those cameo jewerlyes.. maybe coz i love the centuries when they made those..8D and then legwarmers, there's snowflake embroideryes in it..^^

I painted my shirt *finally* i was supposed to do that right when i bought the shirt for it and it was at spring i quess..XDDD well here it is and the guy is robert pattinson if u didn't recodnize him..:D <3 i made a shirt with this same pic to my friend as a xmas present last at xmas- 2008.. ^^

and my new nails..

now need to run to shower going out with girls tonight..:DD oh and happy new year (week late tho)!!!!! ;DDDDDD