Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring!!! spring!! spring?! spring?

Last thursday went shopping with my sister. It were awful to walk through those shops coz they were full of  all kinda lovely spring clothes and there were soooo many I would have liked to have..;__;  But I controlled my self and bought only the ones that were the must haves haha..:D

So here are the ones that I bought:


usamimi, nailpolishes and shorts

Then made some internet shopping few weeks ago and now got two of those packages.

First my ebay bought, 
long hoodie with teddybear ears ^3^

Then my yesstyle's first order 
floral print playsuit

There is other one coming hopefully next week! ^^ hopefully it comes already at the start of the week! :D There's coming one shirt, tho I ordered 3shirts but they cancelled the two ones coz they were out of stock..;___;

And my outfit from friday

Now that there are those spring cloths there at the shops, it could start to show at the nature too! 8DD
Last week there were this one day it was like atleast +6 and it were sooo warm feeling, but the next day it went to minus somethin..>3< and now it's been snowing a little..:PP tho yesterday it were sunny..:) but oh well hopefully it wil start getting warmer soon coz me no want winter anymoreee! 

But now next time byes! <3

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Angel blue + new stuff

In last post I talked about my shoppings so here's the pics for u! ^^

Military style jacket, Seppälä 1€

Scarf, Kappahl 1€. Berret, Seppälä 1€

(actually I got those jacket and berret together with price 1,30€ coz there was this buy
3 sale items and get one free thing and my sister bought that third item..:D)

Then pics with the GEO Angel Blue lenses..

the blue color in them looks reealllly blue BLUE and unnatural but when they r on, 
the color isn't that bright and it actually goes quite dark atleast with my own eye color..:)

but I like the result how they look on me and u can tell that the color of the lenses is blue, even it goes quite dark..:)

 Last weekend we celabrated my friends 20th birthday by first going to their place to eat all those lovely foods and sweets that her girlfriend had made for the party! ^3^ After we were ready to leave to da cityyy we went to Rodeo where we were the previous weekend too..8DD

Had so much fun even tho we left quite early and the cloakroom guy dropped my bag which I left in the cloakroom, I had my eyeshadow/blush palette in htere and it broked.. luckily only one color went in to pieces but it was the one I used the most..;____;

My look for the evening

(quite bad photos and didn't wear that long sleeve shirt in the bar..:P)

And last, funny pic of my cat..
coming through some pile of clothes..XD

next time byes! (^3^)/

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ding Ding, Ding Ding, Jackpot!

So herd last weeks monday that I'm not going to get the job after all as a maternity leave replacement..:P There has been someone other applying the job and that one has somekinda privilege to get it if she wants..:P So need to start searching a new joooob..:PPPP

Then something else I took few photos with the candy brown lenses on, quite dark tho but hopefully u'll get somekinda idea..:DD

Luckily they didn't look that weird, only thing is that coz of my eys being so light and goldenbrown color of the lenses being light the black circle in those pop's up quite much. It doesn't look that bad but it isn't that natural that it would be with brown eyes but I like 'm ^3^

Oh and they were quite hard to put on coz the material being so soft, tho coz of that they were sooooo comfortable! :DD

Last saturday went to do little shopping, I needed to buy new pants for sleeping coz the old one well they were oooold and all ripped! XDD But as always found some other things too military style jacket, beret and scarf. And all these together cost only like 7 euros..8DDDDD

Saturdays look

yey for the dirty mirror..>3<

After I got home I needed to do quick outfit change for the night coz I went partying with friends..^^
Had so much fun that night! :DD Party oufit I don't have any images coz I were so in hurry but got few of my face..:P haha

sorry little blurry pics..:P

And today's look

 For the next post I hopefully get a chance to take some preview photos of the angel blue lenses and my shoppings..^^

But all for now, byes! <3

Monday, 14 March 2011

Support Japan

Support Japan by makeing a donation! I myself gave an donation via paypal to Globalgiving, 100% all donations for Japan.

link here:

keikk had this link to get some advices what's beneficial donating:

Japan in thoughts, people be safe!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

New lenses and books!

Ordered two pairs of new lenses from and got them this week..:D

First ones GEO Angel Blue:

 The ones I have in brown too.

And the others EOS Candy Brown:

We'll see how these looks on me coz of my blue eyes it's eather weird looking 
or it could look nice two toned if the colors blend together nicely..^^

Later pics of me wearing them..^^

Then I ordered few books Graham Greene's Brighton Rock and Terry Pratchett's Mort and Hogfather..:)

Had to get that Brighton Rock in my hands after seeing the movie coz it were so awesome..:) 
aaand and with Sam Riley on the cover <3 ^^

Just a quick entry this time later byes! ^3^

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pic post

So coz now there haven't been anything happening than going to work, after work home, sleep, work, home and so on at last week I'm just posting some pic's. :)

juiceeeh? 8DD

Tho on friday night we went out with friends to the local bar to hangout.We left already at 8pm and first went to one of my friends place and then we were around 9:30pm at the bar, it were soooooo silent that night and we were just getting bored so we left home at 12:30 XD so it ended up quite soon..:P but atleast got a chance to meet my friends..:)

my outfit from friday..

We planned to go this weekend again but to the town, as we girls atleast wanted to go last time too but the guys were too tired to go there..:P

I got my new lenses this week, gonno post pics of them later coz now I've been sick since tuesday so haven't even tryed them on..:P

Next time byes! <3