Sunday, 29 August 2010

Time waits for no one

It was a wonderfull life for those 45 minutes listening that emotion fulled music and watching those guys who know how to make music and performed it so so 110% feeling it and being one with it just no words for that magnificent live from Hurts last friday..<3 

I were so sweeped away with that music, standing there in the first row and the guys Theo and Adam being there so near that u could have touched them (there wasn't that safety fence at all)! sadly it lasted so little but hoping for the guys to come back again soon..:) 

Now I've been just listening those songs over and over again..:D It was so nice to be on that kinda gig were everybody were behaving like adults and not pushing and squeezing in the crowd..And the most important respecting the artists..

I quess that was all about the gig but  here's some outfits from last week and from today (actually yesterday coz it's already past the midnight hehe)
oh and at gig I looked like this..:D


Now I've been drawing a portrait of Theo the singer of Hurts.. started already at last thursday but finishing it now.. The hair needs to be 'colored' and then it's done..^^ tho there's something in the face that doesn't look like him but can't figure out what..:P

next time byes! ^~^

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Gal meet up!

I'm little late with this post.. coz I couldn't update at my grandparents place where I stayed after the meet up and yesterday I got home so here comes..

Last saturday I left home at 9am towards Ylöjärvi where I went by bus to the railway station.. At the bus stop I noticed that I didn't have enough coins for the bus trip 30cents missins.. luckily there were this lovely old lady who nicely gave me that 30cents (--> went there and asked her embarrassed could she have 30 cents for me)..X''DD

So I got in the train and to Helsinki.. There I was at 1pm and walked to Kamppi to wait Sanni and Silja.. Then we went to eat to this place called D' wok.. Then Tanja came there with us and after we ate we started to wait the meet up to begin at 3pm..:D 

When we got to the meeting place at 3 there already lot of gals.. It was so awesome to see sooo many pretty gals with their cute outfits and curly hair..:D There were about 40 of us..:D tho some left at the beginning already..:P
these two I took from our meetings group from fb

When we thought everybody were there we head to the purikura shop to take pics..:D I needed to change my highheels to my sandals (good that I took them with me) coz my feet were killing me-> got a huge blister..>3<

these two I took from our meetings group from fb

some of the purikuras we took..

After purikuras we went to buy some food and went to have our picnic in ruttopuisto..^^
Sanni had to go home already at this point..:/ but at the park there were some drunken guys who came to 'hang out' with us.. it was hmm awkward atleast then when they started to pull their pants of..X''DDD and few minutes later me and Silja almost got from bottle to our heads.. luckily we didn't..:D
And around 7pm me and Silja lefted too..

Here's my outfit from saturday..
Fanni took this..
took this photo from Silja's blog
I had curls when I left from home but coz of the damp weather they straightened quite much..:P and I was In a hurry when we left at home I didn't have time to take a pic of me..:P
Hopefully I wrote all I wanted..:D

Had looots of fun hopefully I'm able to go next time again which probably is at september someday..^^

 And then something about tomorrow going with my friend Kati to watch one of my fave britt bands Hurts to helsinki.. can't wait to see the guys..:DD <3 

But for now bye! ^^

Saturday, 21 August 2010

..Wardrobe chaos..
So tomorrow is the long waited second gyaru meeting yey! :D The whole week is gone for seraching the right outfit and planning how to make my hair and meiku.. The wardrobe I've turned over and over and over again and now most of my clothes have formed somekinda mountain at the end of my bed..

Luckily with some help from friend and my sister I've finally decided what to wear..:D The only broblem now is how I do my hair?! and theres only this night left to decide that and well the make up is a small question mark too..:P ^^ hopefully I figured it out at morning..:DD probably I end up with just normal curls..:P

But then some shoe shoppings..:D 

Bought these two pairs from citymarket which is this everyday supermarket here..:) together they cost only 20€..:D normally 40€ and 30€ so got them quite cheap..:D

And then these sandals from seppälä only 3€ together.. they r samekind but coz there was this sale thing that buy 2 sale products and the cheapest is free so I bought them in both colors..:D 

 and my newest nails.. which looks quite messy in this pic..:P

Next time pics and stuff from gyaru meeting! bye! ^^

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Gal meeting ahead!

Soo this weeks saturday is the next gal meeting and this time I'm able to go so yey! :D can't wait can't wait! waiting to see my friends and hopeing to get some new friends..:D hopefully the saturday will be nice and fun!
 By the way the everytime what to wear? how to do my hair and make up? stress pushing it's way to my little mind.. why does it always feel in these situations that ur closet full of clothes contains nothing..8DD well I have still few days to think my head of with this..:D

But now to the last week which was pretty much swimming, swimming hmm and swimming..:D On thursday we went to visit my cousins again to Virrat and on saturday me and my sister went to watch the Inception. The movie was so awesome! all the special effects, plot and everything! <3 I could go watch it straight away again..:D

At my cousins cottage at evening we went to fishing or actually my dad were fishing and I just sat there with my cousins on board..there was this beautifull sunset and I took maaany pics of it got little excited and at the end my phones battery ended..XD

Then outfits from last week..


I tested few hairstyles and meiku last week too and here's pics of them..
little messy coz it was just a quick test, but both of these kinda styles 
I've been watching on popteen maaany times and wanted to try coz they looked so cute..^^

and then the make up test..
wanted to try something with falsies coz usually I don't use them.. 
so this was the result.. good? bad? :)

And now sleepy sleepy..:D byes!

Monday, 16 August 2010

I wonder..

I've been thinking and wondering what u my readers think about my blog.. Like is it good that I wrote long posts once a week or would u like to read my posts more often? and what about the things I wrote: things I've been doing, outfits and stuff or would u like to see more fashion or makeup things or something else? or is it just good the way it is now..:)

I've been asking ur opinion earlyer too but didn't got any response but now when there's more of u I wish I can get some feedback..:) Of course I wanna keep my blog 'looking me' but u know what I mean..^^

so comments comments everyone!! :D

Monday, 9 August 2010

August already
(lots of pics)

Sooooo.. We went to Virrat to my cousins summer cottage.. had fun there I even went to an morning swimming it was quite freshing..:D but not much about that let the pics speak..^^

My outfit from monday

 Thursday we went shopping with Meri to Tampere.. the last pieces of the sales..:D found few things which r..

saw this same kinda printed dress in popteen..:D

first five from gd, floral print dress from kappahl and
necklace from lindex

Thursdays outfit

After the shopping Meri left home and my other freind Tea came to pick me up to their place.. We went to buy some food and rent a film 'Imaginarium of doctor Parnassus'.. It was good movie tho quite strange..:D I were there over the night and at friday we were driving like hell..

first we went to the driving school were Tea had the second stage of driving school.. first we thought I can be there with her the whole time but the teacher said I can't go to this car track thing and so Tea drived me back to their home and there I spend three hours alone drawing haha..:D Then Tea's boyfriend came home and soon Tea too.. then we went to eat to this pizza place and after that went to pick Tea's little sister.. And at the same trip they drived me home..

Fridays outfit

Soon as I got home I left to Outi's place were we had this girl's night with our friends, tho I were there only few hours..:P we watched movie and ate..haha

Then at saturday I got new phone..:D It was my graduation gift even tho that was two months ago..:D
Samsung Jet s8000

Saturdays outfit (well part of it..:P)

Saturday evening I went to Outi's place again, she had these farewell party coz she's going studying to Estonia next weekend.. The party didn't start quite well coz the power were off because of this huge thunder storm we had here so we just sitted and talked of course.. but then around 10pm we maneged to get this aggregate working and got music and one lamp coz it was getting dark..:D oh and later a micro wave..XDD

At sunday I got back home and we went swimming but weren't long coz the thundering started again same kinda storm tho it went quick away but then at night again it started, the lightnings looked very nice against the dark night sky it was great to watch those, little exiciting tho..:)

Today it's been thundering too it could stop already.. we have had 5 thunderstorms already in one week..:P
well hopeing for better weathers, see ya bye! ^^