Monday, 27 August 2012

Patriotic for both!

Sunday 12th  we went to see the closing ceremony of the olympics to the neighbour village with Maria as there were build up a huge screen with barbeque and bar areas. Plan was to walk there as we didn't have any lift and the distance isn't that bad, 30-40 mins walk! :D

The trip there were good as it were still light outside but then in the middle of our way I noticed I forgot to take a flash light for coming back as it would be dark! 

So we got to the hill where it were held just when the ceremony started at 9pm. The whole thing had been started already at 1pm but we wanted just to see the ceremony.

That's mah flag! :D

This were quite cool! 



That day I felt quite patriotic for home and very british at the same time if that's even possible!
But it were so great the whole thing all the atmosphere and all! :D

So the walk back were pretty interesting in the middle of the night without any lights (no I'm not writing a poem here). Only light we had came from the cars passing by once in while and from Maria's phone which we played music to keep any night animals away from us. Tho I'm pretty sure we kept everything away from us with our pretty singing along the songs! ;D

We got back to mine and as we were quite hungry after all the walking we decided to have some pizza and so I got to bed not until 3 in the morning as the evening kind of streched to be longer than planned! But we had fun so who cares! :)

I'm going to visit home on wednesday for few days so there will be a little break coz my pc ain't coming with me! But see you laters! 


Thursday, 23 August 2012

I love to be beside the seaside

 So on august 4th we had a early wake up to leave towards the south seaside of England the the promised city of gay and mod culture! Brighton you may call it!
We head out to the tube station already half past 7 starting with a quick visit to the shop to get some breakfast!

As we got to London we changed from tube to train at London bridge. While waiting out train we saw these curious looking men and women passing by us one by one carrying pink suitcases in black smart clothing with some pink here and there (not forgetting the umbrellas) and we were wondering what on earth is going on! As we counted to have seen five of them already. Few minutes later they gathered up together first shouting up to each other hello's over excitedly. And tadaa the pink suitcases had formed in to a 'train' of suitcases! :D And there they were rolling around the station!

Westill didn't have any idea what  were they where they came from or what was the reason of all! Probably making people start their morning feeling good as they got close to us we called them up for a photo they were asking are we having fun and of you can guess we were! :D These weird sudden things are always the best mood lift (not that we were feeling miserable on that fine morning, a good day ahead of us)! :)

And so we arrived to Brighton! Can you see the sea!

The case of weird face in every picture seemed to be the theme of that day. 
All the picture's of me are like this! xD

Petra being rebellious and jumping of the pier almost atleast! :D


We asked from some random nice looking lady which bus we can take to get of from the center and a bit closer to see the cliffs and so we hopped on one bus which went first uuuuuuup the hill and they wayyyyyy down again stopping in a different place tho little historic village called Rottingdean. It were so nice and quiet there compared to the center of Brighton with all tourists etc.

We spend some time walking on the beach and taking more pictures. 

More weird faces.. 

Before taking a bus back to the groudiness we bought fish and chips from one of the many restaurants 
in the village selling them. Off we hopped to another bus and drove beside the coast back.

After eaten tummies full we went to do some shopping before the shops got closed 
and after that we found a pub to sit down and have few drinks before our train back to London.

We were so in a party mood after those drinks and seeing all people coming out and about that we were abit sad we didn't had a hostel booked to stay over night! But so we left back a bit tipsy and decided to go to our own local pubs to continue after surviving back home but they were all closed already so we just went both home..:P

The day were so great we had lots of fun and even the sun were out for us!

Next time byes!


As I think most of you have noticed my blog went through a makeunder! For looks and the name! Seems to have happened for other blogs too lately! :D And reason, the regular old wasn't anymore me and now there's something more me! :) I like how it came up, tho the name were the hardest and I'm still not sure about it but that's it for awhile atleast! Hope it's something you find nice to look at too! :) And got a new picture for the header too (finally) as I haven't been blond since last x-mas! ;) 

p.s. The Brighton post still to come, soon!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Past weeks part 2

 First four photos from one saturday when I met with other finnish au pair in London.

Change of the olympics torch (accidentally got there when it happened)

Spot the torch..

Some of the window displays of Selfridges 
(for me some of them are like scenes of songs) :D

Next time our day trip to Brighton with Petra.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sis. visiting

My sister came for a few days visit at the end of july. She arrived on wednesday and we spent the first two nights here at my host family's. 

On friday we head out to London a bit scared of what the London and starting olympics would bring to us, but for our suprise it wasn't that bad! :D Tho when we arrived and walked past Hyde park it were quite busy!

After we got to the hostel and our stuff in we went out to visit natural history museum quickly before it's closing and to do some shopping and walking around. We got just back in time to see the opening ceremony for the Olympics (well we missed the Danny Boyle's directed opening thing which I would have LOVED to see).

On saturday our day started with British museum and for the rest of the evening we head to Camden to roll around Stable market and the main street. We planned to go to a pub on that evening but as we were quite tired of all the walking we just went back to the hostel with some food and watched the olympics at the lounge..:)

On sunday plan was to go and see Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben. (Tower and the Tower bridge we saw already on saturday) - the normal tourist stuff as it were the first time for my sister in UK. Plus some more shopping..:)

My sister left back on early monday morning. We woke up at 3.30am to get her to the bus stop at Baker street to go to the airport. After she got in I were running around the Baker street area to find my bus stop to go back to the hostel which I gladly finally found after few minutes only. Got back to bed after five to sleep few more hours before the check out in the morning.

Had a great great weekend with my sister and were so happy to get her here to hang around and show/go to places! :) My sister haven't still send the pics from her camera so there will be more photo's later! :)

Next time byes!