Saturday, 28 November 2009

And the packet holds?

Got my orders! yeyy! :D It was so scary to go to that customs place.. there where people in uniforms and it was silence all over (XDD)and when it was my turn i walked to that counter and sat to that chair the table was so high that i needed to get up to do the signing thing..XDDDD well then the lady said that okey lets go get the packet from that other counter there..then she gave me the packet and a knife and said open it..i was so nervous about the whole thing that i felt stubid..XDDDD then she asked is there all i ordered and said that the vat is so low that i dont need to pay anything (which was good ofcourse)..^^

And heres the things:

Fake ugg's with zebra stripes <3 (the sole of those shoes r like sooo stiff that it feels funny to walk with those..:P hopefully it goes more flexible at use)

and the leopard printed hoodie! <33

And two free gifts, yesstyle mirror and mobile strap:
(i have those mirrors two now..XD)

after we got the packet we went to this huge store which has allkinda interior decorating and house building stuffs and all to buy wall paints..^^ we r going to paint my and my sisters rooms..^^ but yesterday we just bought paints to my sisters room and mine we paint later..:P ^^ cant wait to have new color on my walls..:D

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Founded my long goone love again!

Ive been listening nrj's dance net radio while working and they've been playing there this Edward Maya's song stereo love, and then find out that he's romanian dj and musician.. and then listened some other songs from him and founded other romanian bands that i had been listening years ago..Akcent and these numa numa quy's O'zone..hahaha i was like huuuuge O'zone fan when their first hit song came out(have that cd too XD) and few years after camed this song called Kylie (Dragoste De Inchiriat) from the band Akcent.. liked that too (not anymore tho, it isnt the best song from them).. this years album is maybe the best..^^


all this Romania thing started when i saw my first vampire movie (Bram Stoker's Dracula like 8 years ago i quess.. and like i quess u know Dracula's from Romania..^^ so thats how i got "kicked"...^^ then started my vampire "fangirling" too..^^ I quess i have little bit wierd music taste in some points but who cares..hahaha..:D and quite wide too.. i can listen rammstein and then this super hyper eurobeat parapara stuff and everything in the middle..hahah XD ^^

now something else..^^ going to go get my package at friday..^~^ been waiting those like over two weeks..>3< i should have get it last week but coz of that toll..*w* but friday..^^ not much anymore..^^

yesterday i had this kinda like boyfrendo style outfit.. tho my jeans r little bit too tight for it..:P i should buy some real guy's jeans..:P

and today more girly..^3^

loots of looots of pics..>3<

Sunday, 22 November 2009

New moon

Soo yesterday or actually at friday coz its already over midnight..XD I was at the movies with Kati at premiere of the second movie of twilight saga New moon..^^ it was better than the first one..but still there were so much things missing and things that were wrong..:P and things i didnt like..:P but not anymore of those..haha..^^ still wanna see it again soon coz i always get this weird feeling after i've watched some good movie at the movietheater, that i dont really know what have happened in it and cant remember all..:P i donno why it's always happening..:P and i hate that feeling..>3< actually the same happends after gigs too..:P but sadly u cant watch it again at anytime u want..:P well it was nice to see Kati again for while..^^ tho our plans to go party and dancing didnt work coz Kati got sick..:/ we decided to go some other time then..^^ hopefully soon coz dancing is just love love! ^~^

Then about the orders.. at thursday i got letter from customs post that they have my package and it needs to be checked..:P so didnt have my package yet..>3< but next week i will hopefully.. coz they will send it to tampere's customspost and then going to go get it at there..:P it's a shame tho i have to pay that damn 22% vat..

then i painted my nails the result wasnt as good i planned it to be but going with these as long as the polish stays..:P

heres the pic of the previous paintings (not sure if thats the right way to say it but hopefully u understand ^^)

And here's the new ones..^^

pics r wayyyy bad..sorry for that..:P

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Manki business~

I decided to do this little Manki special its my cat..haha he's just heck of a kinda personality..XD <3 my model boy always posing when i take pics of him and following us like another dog when im out with our dog..XDD but so here some pics and videos..XD

Little Manki

wrestling with his brother


(sorry for the random talking xP)



under the carpet..XD


and eating..XD (feeding dogs)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Feeling quite bad had some troubles with mom..:P got mad at me of something that i didnt even do..donno what for..:P

but soooo more fun to come at friday..8DD told u earlyer that going to the movies with Kati.. yesterday she send me a text message that we r going to go partyy with girls..:D my other friend Meri had her 18th birthday yesterday so we r going kinda like celebrate it..:D and i donno what should i wear..;P and then i need to do my nails coz these old ones r already all color gone..:P

and my orders has arrived in Vantaa yesterday.. so hopefully the package will arrive soon here..^~^

yesterdays (had to take a pic coz i had jeans on 8DDD) and todays outfit

yey yey at bathroom of my work place..XDDD

Monday, 16 November 2009

waiting for friday~!

This weeks friday going to watch New moon with my friend at the premiere..^^ cant wait..:D been waiting this movie since i saw the first one coz i liked the second book better..^~^ hopefully this is much much better than the twilight..^^
today was quite bad weather it was all cloudy and the whole day have been dark all the time..>3< and its been warmer than last week so the snow is melting away..:PP

Im anxious to know when my orders r here..>3< im sure that it will come this week but want it now! *3*

Here's the pic of the knit that i ordered last time..^^

just love love love it! those little bunnies with their little pearl necklaces and bows r so cute! *3^

and here's some pics from today~

Saturday, 14 November 2009


Sooo..After school me and my friend Noona went to shopping and the first idea was to go drink cup of some cocoa but then we were hit by this wave of saving some money and we bought just something to drink at the grocery store.. i bought this strawberry milkshake and Noona bottle of juice..^^
And when we went to Lindex (clothing store)there was this sale rack and Noona found me this David Bowie shirt that i'd been drooling some time ago and now it was only 12€ (norm. 20€) so i had to buy it..^3^<3

and then i bought this yellow nail polish 3€

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Episode VII
The New Rebellion
Galaxy : Tampere
Planet : YO-talo
Date : 26.02.2010 A.D
Length: 22:00 - 04:00

u uu! can't wait!!! *3*

And aeew YB's new song sounds so nicee! okey started quite randomly..XD

I've been posting every day now since i started..8DDD but im quite sure that this ain't gonno last forever..XD the attraction of new..hahah..^^

met my friend at bus on the way home, he said that we should have somekinda
pre-Christmas party with our little "Poikelus group"..:D we have this small group of people who live here at the same area that we r calling "Poikelus porukka(group)"..^^ hopefully every one can come to those partyes.. coz havent seen my friends for looong time..^^ well somedays at the bus but not like really seen..^^

and tomorrow going to cafe with Noona after school(work)..^~^ cant wait that eather..^^ and now i quess that was all for today..^^

oh and my todays outfit....

...and the things i ordered..^^

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

sleepy heddo..*3*

Today ive been soo tired almost fall asleep while i was doing some card designing thing..*____* today need to go sleep at least 22:30.. coz otherwise im not gonno survive of the rest week..:PPP at morning there was so pretty outside! the moon was only a crescent anymore, but it was so bright and all the threes were covered by snow..^~^ coz of that got a xmas feeling! :DD

quite grappy pic..;P

and here is view from my working place..:P there goes railway 20 meters away so trains always passing by..:P

gonno order the stuffs from yesstyle today..^^ putting pics later..^^
and i should finnish coloring one of my drawings but im always too lazy to start doing it.. haha ;P and actually i should draw some new pics too.. i hate when i have lots of ideas what to do but then i just cant pic my self up and do it..:P

censored my face nicely..XD

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

twitching twitching~

This week seems to go like soooo slow! just tuesday going and it feels like it could be thursday already..:P but yeah sleeped quite little last night and i quess it effected strangely to my left eye.. been twitching all day..>3< its annoying..*>*
and i got my hairspray! (/^3^)/ and when mom came from the shop we made coconut milkshake nom nom!

And gosh i founded those super cute fake uggs from yesstyle gonno order them soon as possible! so that means when i have time and ive found something else to order too..^^

Monday, 9 November 2009

Ordinary school ended for this year! *3*

My first day at practical training..^^ im "working" at this advertising agency KarpaloGroup in Tampere..^^ doing little designing things (those ones that arent so important..XD so dont need to worry that much that gonno ruin companys image..haha)
I was supposed to leave at 16:00 buuuut i was so into that thing i was doing (or not..)that when i left the building it was 16:30 already.. so my plans to go get new hair spray were ruined.. wonder how im gonno survive tomorrow with out it..;__; hahahah :D

and damn i've been laughing at this! XD Laurent linked it to show how to say déjà vu right but that video is just so random..XDDDD

edited: and happily that link aint showing! >3<

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Father's day

Today was the fathers day n my grandparents where here to visit..^^ Ate cake actually we had two different kinda cakes..:P ^^ me n my sis made chocolate cheese cake yum yum! ^3^ and the other cake was just an ordinary cake..^^

I hate our tradition that at every father's and mother's day we need to make an breakfast to bed.. (donno the real word for it in english but hopefully u know what i mean) the idea of it is nice and they deserve it, but its just it that i hate to wake up so early! >3< so today I've been sooo tired and my head hurts..*___*

And coz i promised to my younger sis that i would do her banba/manba meiku, i did it today and she was a very cute banba..haha (thats what it turn out, tho she had few stickers under her eyes which ain't banba as im convinced)..:D but now need to run! ^^

Saturday, 7 November 2009

november fairs..

I was at these small fairs at my little sisters school-> painting pics to childrens cheeks..^~^ earned 12e hahaha..:D not much but its something..^^ and goz that there is snow atleast 20cm! >3< winter is here! snow is nice but its a shame u cant have it without cold weather..:P XD

Friday, 6 November 2009

The first one!

So hello hello hello!! ^^
Here we go.. I got this weird need to do my own blog, when my friend made her's at summer.. but until this week I decided to make this..^^ going to write here all random things of my everyday life..:D so..

pic from last week..:P (yeah i know i was quite tired taken in the bus way to school..XD)