Monday, 14 November 2011

Time of my life

Funny thing happened I posted after weeks and I lost two followers..;__; Okey well yeah that wasn't the point of this entry! :D

So not sure anymore did I tell you that I got a part time job at our local kindergarden! I love to be there coz it doesn't feel that much of an job and you never get bored! :)
Been there now since september and now doing only few days now and then when needed, so that's the only negative thing about it..:P

And one negative side for blogging: less photos of outfits etc. I look crap everyday coz well being with kids would be weird to be all dolled up..:) But atleast I have now some outfit pics I've taken when ever I've looked like human haha..:)

And then I planned to do this new stuff post of the things I bought from the last trip to uk about week ago..:)

Fell in love with the color of Viivi's red wig and as I've had this hair color for ages I've been planning to becoming a red head.. about the actual color I'm not sure but not like this Ariel red red..:P So hopefully it will suit me..:P

This post ended up being me me me.. but next time only stuff..:)

Byes! <3

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