Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Birthday with the UK team

Two weeks after I got back from home we had a night out with my au pair girls as Maria had her birthday on  10th of september. We celebrated together with two other au pairs Mette and her friend from London and we went to this club in Beaconsfield for the first time. 

My look for the previous friday night
when we had a quick drink at the pub.

I had little fun with my hair while deciding what to wear for our
birthday partying.. The outfit stayed hair didn't..:)

We started our evening at Maria's and then left to the club. Crazy night but oh we had fun! ;D

UK Team! <3 p="p">

The next day we all were pretty glued to our beds: tired and hangover! But as Milad came back to a new family with her boyfriend at the start of september she came to have a little visit here so I had to get my tired self up and out. Were so nice to meet her after few months! :)

Next time byes!

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