Wednesday, 7 November 2012


So had my probably most Halloweenish Halloween for many years! 
On the previous weekend I drew faces for the pumpkins for my host dad to carve them. 

I posted photos of them already but here's with lights on or in! :D

On wednesday we had a little Halloween themed dinner with boys 
and few of their friends and after that we went trick or treating. 

I didn't had any costume or anything until my host mums friend said I need something if 
I'm coming and this is what I got up with in 10 minutes haha! :D

I didn't stay long as the weather was shiteee and I had E sitting in the pram getting soaked 
so we came back earlier than the rest of the group.

In the evening I met up with Maria and one new au pair at the pub for a drink.

Would have love to go to a proper party but I were babysitting the previous saturday and friday 
when all the fun was happening so missed that but atleast had my first ever trick or treat round 
(without candy tho ha). :)

Next post about my London weekend with my babes! ;)

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