Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Depeche Mode ^3^

What an amazing concert/gig that was!!! 8DDD just pure love!!
We went there by bus that was organised just for that concert.. it left at 16:30 from Tampere and we were at something around 19:00 at Helsinki.. The whole bus trip i didn't feel at all that im really now going there and soon seeing DM live! :D We searched our places and then just waited anxiously..:D at 20:00 started the support band Nitzer Ebb which i had listened few songs before.. I didn't like them at then but at live they were like sooo awesome.. they played 40 min and then we needed to wait again little while and then the lights went out and intro started playing..:D
and soon the quys started to come out to the stage! after that just waaaaaaaa!!!! 8DD

at home we were at 02:30 and my school day should have started at 08:00 but we decided with my friend that we go at i got hour more sleep, but still been quite tired haha..:D At last night i had this weird feeling as always that i remember everything blurry and i should see the same what happened again.. only today the last night has started to look more whole and everythings coming back to my mind..:D

few crappy pics..

Bought their tour shirt it has the same pic than at the pic above without that earth at the back..^^

pic from monday morning the orange thing there is the moon.. i was still sleeping when mom called me and said that there is this beautifull moon outside if i want to go take pictures, but i was too tired so i just snapped that with my phone camera at my window..^^


  1. Kiva että oli hauskaa! ^^
    toi kuu on ihanan värinen:o

  2. ^^ oisin halunnu ottaa siit enemmänki kuvii mut sit se laski jo puitten taa iha sika nopee..:P