Monday, 1 February 2010

Feeling better..

Again week has passed and now it is the time that tomorrow the long waited gig of Depeche Mode is here! i quess im going to explode tomorrow hope not coz then i wouldn't see dear Dave, Martin and Andy..8DDDDD

Saturday my friend had home party again it was like the fourth time at this year..XDD but it's nice coz then u get to see friends and had a chance to meet new people..^^ and even tho i didn't do much than just sitting on the sofa and talking i had really good evening..^^ it was a good change to that depressive feeling of last week.. so thanx for that to outi and all the guys that were there..^^

At school i should start doing the degree work soon and besides that we need to do two small own projects so being quite busy right now.. and the last week at school were like sooo boring i didn't have anything to do and we just sat there and surfed at internet..XDDD oh and cleaned (we do it like all the time and it sometimes starts to feel like im not studying audiovisual communication but cleaning..XD) so yey for my school! >3< luckily i don't have much left, four month's and it's done..:D

Friday my aunt and cousins came to visit and mom picked them up at Tampere's train station (they live in Oulu so)and i didn't have to go home by bus so i went to go check the shop's while waiting my mom and grabbed these with me from fleamarket

and these from h&m

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