Friday, 11 June 2010

Rock fell of but did it help?

First some outfit from last week which is pretty much the same I had on in Annyeong's which u can see lower in this post..^^
So the Annyeong party 3.. Had so much fun dancing all night with Sanni and later Silja also joined with us.. Good music and company..^^ I don't have any pics of the party coz my camera were in my bag which I left in cloakroom, but we did take a photo with Sanni before we left..^^

Coz the theme of the third Annyeong party were summer there were lots of all kinda beach and water toys, and that was the only thing that wasn't so nice coz people were throwing them, u needed to be alert while dancing that u did'nt got hit by them.. which I wasn't always able to do..XDDD and actually it was pretty funny trying to avoid them I must say..haha..:DD 

Make up (if u can see any of it) tryed something new 
by adding this turquoise colored eyeliner under the black eyeliner.
And here's the outfit.

And nooow byeeees~!


  1. oow toi ensimmäinen kuva, oot super cute!!

  2. kiits kiits! <3 ^^ vitsi ku ois oikeesti mun hiukset ton väriset! >_<