Monday, 7 June 2010

Graduation day
(week later)

Again the same happened with my party no one with camera around (well me but takeing pics of me in my own party well yeah).. So only few pics that I have gotten from my friend at the school.. tho my godfather and grandma oh and my friend took a pic of me at our place but I don't have those pics yet to my self..:P so going to survive with these few I have..^^

And about my party ordinary--> eating cake and all stuff u usually have in partyes like that..^^ I got presents mostly just money but then I got this marimekko's vase Mariskooli in this color:

aaand what else.. oh after celabrating with my family and relatives I head out to Tampere to celebrate with my class..:D first I went to my friends place and after that we went with her to start our night in one of our class mates place where our almost whole class were and then later left to dance in a night club with the same group..^^  Had sooooo much fun and it was nice to hang out with the whole class being together..^^

my class in the graduation ceremony

Tomorrow is Annyeong party 3!! :D Korean music party that's held here in Finland..finally Im able to go yeyy! :D can't wait can't wait! Going with Sanni, it's nice to see her finally face to face..^^ hopefully we have a fun night..^^ but until next time byeees! ^^ post I hopefully have pics from Annyeongs..^^

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