Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Water for Elephants

Last sunday I went to see Water for Elephants with Kati. 

The movie were soooooooo good! I could go watch it over and over again!  The colors and the sets and all so beautiful!

U now that it's a good movie when I'm already teary eyed after 5 minutes the movie started! 8DD
It were veery touching and in some parts very sad. At the end of it I were crying like a baby! XDD So if u haven't seen it yet and r planning to go watch it make sure u have some tissues with u haha..:DD

Now that I've been torturing ur eyes with crappy photos of my outfits took some better photo of my sundays outfit coz it were pretty sunset outside..:D

Short post is short.. but next time byes <3


  1. i am interested on watching this movie, what genre is this? drama?
    and no, the photo is fine! :D love your hair and dotted tights!!^^

  2. Thank u! <3 about the movie it's romantic drama..:D It's definately worth watching for!!! <3