Monday, 9 May 2011

May Day + last week

So last weekend we had May Day/Vappu as we call it here..^^ 

I spent my Vappu with my friend. At saturday first I went to my frinds place to eat and hang out. Later we dolled ourselfs and headed to the city to go dancing..:D 

And again as always I don't have any pictures one reason is that coz when I'm with my best friend she doesn't like to take pics so..:P Only crappy pics of my outfit..:P

I had sudden urge to wear something casual don't know why 8D

On wednesday I went to mett this somekinda job lady at the morning, the meeting were quite quick so I thought that while I'm here I could go to check this fleamarket and founded this:

Brand new with tags on, originally 30€ but I paid only 5€ :DDD

Outfit of that day

Thursday I had my little sisters school's spring play/show so went to see that.

Looked like this

I need to apologise my lack of posts lately and that they haven't been nothing really interesting, coz now that I'm just being home mostly doing nothing at weeks, there ain't much to write about. :P So now that I would have time there ain't nothing to write about. Thank u my readers for ur patience and hopefully now that summer is coming there will be more happenings and all! :) 

Later byes! <333


  1. Oh nice outfits, love the brown shorts you are wearing in the second picture ^^
    haha and your room is really a chaos X3

  2. Thankies <3 and yeah it is! XDDDD I quess I should do something about! it's just the normal "Oh noes I don't have anything to wear!" *throws inside of the wardrobe to the floor* thing every time I'm going somewhere..X''''DD