Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Britain calling!

Hellou hellou darlings! I've lost my self in the Hurtsplanet for these past months and so my blog bloggy blog's been left alone for a while but here I am now againn after what three four weeks? 


So weeks gone and now this weeks sunday it's time to fly (literally) to the great Great-Britain! First heading to Edinburgh Scotland and there starts our two weeks journey through Britain from north to south.
Blackpool, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Caernarfon, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton and London! :D

But then the things that's been happening, little over week ago I were at Ruisrock in Turku to work and see Hurts.

Turku city

 Weekend of true wonder and amazingness! <3

Met my girls Reeli and Salla for the first time! Been only talking with them on internet  before. Had so much fun fangirling and meeting Hurts opera singer  Richard, who's so lovely and wonderfull man!
 He spent like an hour just talking and walking with us..:)

Totally one dream come true weekend I say! <3

first work shift day  ahead..

Next post tomorrow or at thursday some outfit pics I haven't posted..:)


  1. i am going to london in august, can´t wait to be there :D

  2. Oh nice! which day? coz I'll be in london too at august we are in Britain like two weeks and from 4th to 7th at london..:D

  3. aww my im so envious i wanna go there, too!! cant wait for more photos!! <3 p.s you look very pretty!

  4. Saving Capulet: Thank you hun! <3 Yeah been my dream since I can remember..:D and now I've just started to wake up to the truth that I'm really going there this sunday! :D

  5. i am going there on the 17 until the 22 auguste ^^
    For me its the same, just started to realize i fly to london in a few weeks *__*

  6. ❤・.・Choco-chan・.・❤ : Aaah okey so, little later than me..:D Yeah I'm pretty sure I'll be all hyper being nervous and so happy at the same time at the airport..:D

  7. What what whaaat, olitko sää ruississa töissä? :o

  8. Mipa: Joo olin, talkoolaisena kylläkin et en alan hommia.. Henryn näin.. akuntehtaalta tais olla..:)

  9. No mut siistiähan sekin! :)