Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Outfits and stuff

little sister looking happy XD

80's much? ;D

 At beach yesterday evening.. didn't swim tho water were too cold.

our cat's daddy.. I were pet sitting at our neighbours place 
the previous weekend..:)

Next time I'll post is probably after I come back from Britain, so see you after two weeks! :D
Byes! <3


  1. you look very beautiful and so does your sister even if she's erm happy! :))

  2. hahaha yeah her face atleast looks like 'oh come on sis do you had to take the pic' XD And thank you as always! <3333333333333

  3. Ihania asukuvia ♥♥♥ Tykkäsin hirveesti tosta 80's kuvasta (*---*) Ihana!! ♥♥♥