Monday, 21 May 2012

Notting Hill

Excuse my lack of posts I were supposed to write about this already two weeks ago as it happend two weeks ago so I'm late with the posts! :P

But to the actual post.. Went to Notting Hill to see that part of London as I hadn't never been there before! I had seen ofcourse the movie like I bet most of us have and knew about the cute houses in all the colors of rainbow! :D 

Main reason were to go walk around Portobello market and it's vintage and antique 'shops'. Oh wow if I just would have money I would buy all these things to decorate my room/future own home! All the old pretty mugs and cups and plates and oh the cameras, books, mirrors and not to forget the vintage bags, jewellery and clothes! 

Never seen that many sewing machines in Allsaints store than there were in the Notting Hill one! 
(That's only like half of them)

Didn't buy anything from the actual market but after I walked back to the center towards the tube station I popped in to this random shop with everything for 5 pounds so I ended up byuing two pairs of heels for ten pounds! :D The quality isn't that bad but I'm sure theyre not the best eather but as far as they fit and look good who cares I payed only 10 pounds! :D

My outfit and look for the day:

Next time about my four days in London with Baltic babes! :D


  1. I love Notting hill! It`s so beautiful there!

    I`m going to visit london next week! :D

    1. Oh that's nice! How long you're going to stay!? :)

  2. you look very lovely and the photos look great and those shoes, too thanks for sharing them :D