Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hunger games in High Wycombe

Last weekend we were planning to go to London on sunday but as the waethers been pretty shitty for a month now, it were promised to be pretty bad on sunday too so we made a little change in plans and head out to High Wycombe to go to movies. We went to see The Hunger Games and it turned out to be so much different that I expected it to be.. As I haven't red the books I didn't have that much clue what's going on in it.. But it were really good and really kept the tension on through the whole movie! :)

Tho I still have a feeling that there were parts missing and like with Twilight the books and the movie there's much stuff that would be good to know before you see the movies.. So maybe I need to go and find the book somewhere to read and get more out of the story..:)

Before the movie started we did little shopping as I had to get me some new knit, I realised that I really don't have enough knits here with me as I didn't have space in my suitcase as I got here..:P

And after the movie all the shops were getting closed already so we went to sit down for a milkshake to McDonalds as it being one of the few places still open to wait our train back to home..:)

Yesterday the weather were suprisingly so lovely the sun was shining and it were warm, I kept my windows open for the whole day and before I started my evening 'shift' we went out for a walk with Milad.

Today it's been raining again.. -___-' I just ask is the summer coming at all? :D

On saturday I had babysit evening but oh I would have so loved to go for a nightout and go to dance etc. :P Can't do that this coming weekend either coz I have another babysitting and not that I had anyone here to go with because Milad is going away for the weekend..:P

But next week it's the long waited little time out from all this au pairing as my baltic girls are coming to see The Heartbreaks and oh it's going to be so much fun! ;{D

Oh and Happy May day for those who celebrates it! I would be but as I'm in this island with out any may day celebrating I'm not :P Might go to the shop to buy some donuts or atleast something that would go with our Finnish may day (Vappu)! :D

But off I go now! Byes for the next time!

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