Thursday, 27 September 2012

Unposted pictures part I don't even know

Week before I had my home visit me and Maria went to London. We did some shopping  and I showed her places. Her first time going around there. :)

Then some things I've bought, two first pictures are secondhand buys.
The bags vintage and I got them only for 6.5 together! :D

Then some books: Anne Rice's latest vampire chronicle part, Jane Austen P&P and Terry Pratchett Discworld Wyrd Sisters.

Then Zulu Winters - Language album and
The Princess Bride which is one of my childhood movie favourites! :D

I don't know why but the sunsets here seems to be the most beautifulest! Almost every evening soooo pretty or then it's just that I have a great view from my bathroom window and being so high up with my room in the british 2nd floor! :D

For next post our paralympics trip
and the present from my host family..:)


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