Saturday, 29 September 2012

Paralympics & village show

On 8th of september we went to this village show thing in the field down at the village with Maria and back then new au pair Mette plus Mette's friend from other village. 

The two fields were both full of things from animals to stalls and a big 'arena' where they had different kind of  shows.

We did a quick round with the girls and then decided to sit down somewhere in the shadow as the day were so warm! And mostly that's how our day went just hanging out and having fun. 

Early on sunday morning we head out me, Maria and our host families to the tube station and towards London. 

We had planned all together a trip to the paralympics on the last day of it to watch football.
We only watched one game which were GB-USA. 'We' won! ;D

After the game we walked around a bit and then went to have our lunch in the probably biggest Mc Donalds ever! Soon after that we head back home and decided to have dinner together as well our host families did some bbq. The day were so nice having a good time with a big group! :)

This and at least one other piano they had in King's cross station just for people to play! :)
 I love the idea and the text on this one! ;) "Play me, I'm yours." 

And last as promised b-day present from my host family! :) Candle cups Cath Kidston style and then three different fragrance of shower gel and body lotion from Cath Kidston, huge chocolate box and Hunger games trilogy! 8) 

 Next time byes!

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