Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Gaahrgh beeen too busy (lazy) to post anything for few weeks but now i got a hold of my self and started to write..:P there's been maaaany things i wanted to write but i always had something else to do or didn't even rememner what was i supposed to do.. and now im afraid that i can't even remember what i wanted to write..XD complicated..haha

I still haven't get any pics from new year so i quess i have to forget doing post of it..:P

The night out with girl's went nicely and i had fun dancing and hanging around..:D first we were supposed to go to Onnela but there was this huge line in front of it, first we waited there for a while, but coz there were like -20*c we decided to check this other place Emma, there wasn't line at all so we went there and it was actually good coz one of my other friend were there so i got to see her too..:D

this is how i looked (don't have a whole pic of my outfit..:P and i started to curl my hair littlebit too late so i needed to hurry with them so the curls r quite lame..:P

It's been a party season to me now coz first it was new year then my friends birthday party then girls night out and last friday the same friend had home party..:DD haha

It's the last week of my on-the-job learning and then need to get back to school.. don't like to get back..:P and then i need to start thinking and doing my degree work with my friend..:P hopefully it's not going to be very stressful.. we r going to make an animation..:D

and then from things to other.. bought new thing's again..XD and i shouldn't do that now coz i know that i have Depeche Mode's gig (2.2.)coming so need money to that trip (bus tickets, maybe some band stuff.. t-shirt maybe..:D and food) can't wait can't wait!! <3 but yeah the stuffs..

top which i use as a dress, it was the only size left and it is two sizes too big..:P and then i have wanted to have a headband with bigger bow and finded that cute yellow one..^^

my camera stopped likeing me and focused all the pic's to somewhere else than me >3<


  1. Oh!! the pics are wonderfull!! the snow are nice!!!
    cute things and cute Lilli!!! y loveee your hair!!! is loveee ♥ ah!! i really love this ribbon >w<

  2. hihi thank u thank u!! ^^ i fell in love it too once i saw it on the shop i was like have to buy it! :DD and the sunset was sooo prettyyy the sky was all purple and red..:D