Monday, 25 January 2010

Weekend when everything happened so fast and at the end nothing

We went to watch the Avatar movie yesterday it was just awesome! all those graphics and all just mind blowing! loved it! <3 and it was so sad..;___; it was the first 3D movie i saw and it is quite effective effect..:D haha especially loved when they showed comercial's of coming movie's and there came this alice in wonderland (from tim burton <3) and when the cheshire cat's head came out from the screen like straight in front of ur face..8DDD it looked awesome can't wait for the movie to come!

at saturday i was out with one friend but not anymore of that..
feeling quite miserable but just had to write today coz i have freeday from school so i have time to do this..^^

so the learning on job came and went and now it's time to go back to real school..:P i had fun at my work place and could be that im going to get some job from there too so, happy for that..:D

at wednesday and tuesday morning the sky were soo pretty! i just love those winter sun rises and sets with the sky in red..:D

tuesdays sky:

wednesdays sky:

and my breakfast..:DD fruit jam..yum yum baby food..haha

more winter pic's from saturday when i waited the bus..

that's all for now..^^


  1. ¡Oh! Voy a ir al cine para ver Avatar en 3D también!! es bueno?? oh!! Me gusta el cielo, el sol rojo, la nieve ... es maravilloso * _ * y sus equipos, por supuesto!! ;)

  2. sorryy can't understand..:P ^^