Thursday, 7 January 2010

Been awhile i haven't posted anything (being just too lazy)but im going to do somekinda post about my new year..^^ when i get some pics from my friend first..^^ and now im showing (again) new things i bought at monday (monday starting to look like some kinda shopping day 8DD haha)

found this shirt or tunic, good for going out or something..^^ and i had watched this earlyer (happy that didn't bought that then coz now it was only around 7e (normally 23e so it was a good deal..:DDD and love it!

this folklore style dress + vest i had seen earlyer too and it was same price as the tunic..^^

pretty pretty necklace wich had this like cameo jewerly style pic of women..^^ and i just love those cameo jewerlyes.. maybe coz i love the centuries when they made those..8D and then legwarmers, there's snowflake embroideryes in it..^^

I painted my shirt *finally* i was supposed to do that right when i bought the shirt for it and it was at spring i quess..XDDD well here it is and the guy is robert pattinson if u didn't recodnize him..:D <3 i made a shirt with this same pic to my friend as a xmas present last at xmas- 2008.. ^^

and my new nails..

now need to run to shower going out with girls tonight..:DD oh and happy new year (week late tho)!!!!! ;DDDDDD


  1. Kiva toi ylin paita! Mistä se on ostettu? Jaaa unohdin vastaa niist lennoist, edestakasin oli joku 700e.. ^--^

  2. no ei paha millä lennätte? :D ööp kappahlista..:DD siäl on nykyää ihan sikana kaikkee ihanaa..:D