Sunday, 7 March 2010

This is how my winter holiday came and went.. My week long winter holiday started last monday and the whole week went by sitting by the computer at school! >3< how great is that? hahaha So the thing was this, the previous week i was sick when we were supposed to animate our degree work, so we had to spend our holiday at school..:P well at the end it wasn't that bad, it was actually quite fun to just hang around with others from our class without any teachers around..:D It's so weird that our teachers trust's us so much that we can be at our school premises tho it feel's quite good if u know what i mean..:D

Good for us we managed to done our animating so now we only have to put the pieces together and add music and the effect sounds in it.. oh and make the graphics to the dvd cover..:D at wednesday is the returning day so we have two days left.. Just can't wait to see everybody's works what they have done..:D we r going to go watch them to this little cinema at Tampere called Niagara and we get popcorn and all..:D

My class mate made this huge paper mess at the lounge of our school premises, he had lost some paper's he needed to his work and i suggest that he should check the paper bin we have there and this is what was the result..XDDD

And last wednesday when we were the whole day at school with with my friend (8-19), at morning when we were the only ones there it was so freaky! we just kept hearing these all kinda noises like someone came there and when we went to check there wasn't anyone..O__O well everybody who has been in our school alone or just with someone else know's that it's haunted place haha. It's an old building so no wonder and before it was school it's been place were they kept busses and before that there have been some train stuff..:P oh and it has been a training place for circus too in sometime..:D so never wanting to go there or be there alone at evening's always have to make sure that i get someone there with me haha..:D

Then something else at friday i bought ticket's to Alice in wonderland premiere which is next friday.. we r going to watch it with my friend Kati.. been waiting that since i herd it's coming coz it's Tim Burton's movie..:D my cousin was all like "whaaat ur going to go watch that!? it's children's movie or something!" haha but im sure that coz it's Burton's, it's not going to be that much children's movie and well im quite sure of this too that i would have gone watch it still if it were children's movie hahah..:D There's been lot's of movies now that i would like to go see, especially the Lovely bones which came out at friday here, it looks pretty interesting movie and beautifully made and the story is interesting too..:D i quess i need to find the book to my hands somewhere..^^

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