Sunday, 21 March 2010

This post is mostly about what I've bought last week..:D But first had fun with Kati especially when her cat came and did some really funny things..haha And the premiere of our degree work's went quite well too and there were good videos..^^

my previous nails, made new one's today but don't have a pic

I was supposed to fix the degree work's raport but yeah done everything else again..hehe well i try to do it tomorrow..:P Muse is coming again here at summer and the tickets r coming next week's friday..8DDD I didn't managed to go last time they were here, so hopefully we get tickets..^^

Here's my shoppings:

heart pearls only for 1 euro :O


top, the color look's little bit different in this pic than it really is..

ruffle vest <3

tunic <3

and shorts, been looking for this kinda and these were perfect..


  1. mul on kans toi sininen kynsilakka :D ouuu ihania ostoksia oot tehny <3

  2. kiits! ^^ osaatko muute sanoo et miten saisin ton blogin nimen pois näkyvistä meinaa se mikä näkyy sit tos headerin päällä ku mun mielest sul ei oo sitä ainakaa siin? ku nyt mun blogin nimenä on vaa piste..XDDD

  3. Aa jooo :D sun kandee muute vaihtaa se takas ku se näkyy blogilistoil pisteenäXD mut headerin päält sen saa pois ku painat siel hallintapaneelis-> ulkoasu ->ylätunniste-> mainospaikka otsikon ja kuvauksen tilalla :D ku sul on kai se eka vaihtoehto..

  4. ヒロム!フロム!ヘル!7 April 2010 at 16:46

    why do you censor your face on some pictures?

  5. hahaha..:D because my face was looking stupid ..^^ and wanted to show the outfit so the face wasn't important in those..^~^

  6. ヒロム!フロム!ヘル!7 April 2010 at 17:56

    yeah but you make dumb looking faces all the time, like when you fill your cheeks with air or do something stupid with your lips to try to be kawaii or whatever :o

    like in this one. you're making the most retarded face ever but you didn't censor it.

  7. well if u don't like to watch my retarded face then u don't have to watch it..8DDD so if u have a problem with that, no one's ever forced u to visit my blog..:D

  8. ヒロム!フロム!ヘル!7 April 2010 at 18:40

    yeah i know i was just curious and bored :o

  9. sry dude but its different to make funny face on purpose, when in some pics when the face is accidentally so bad that u want 2 cencor it XD

    lilliii haluun tehä uuden taustan blogiin :D Sulki vaihtuu tää koko aika!

  10. hahah.. mun täytyy yrittää neuvoo sulle joskus mesessä vaik jos osaan..:D