Sunday, 14 March 2010

Hello hello! :D

New layout again..haha i didn't like the one i made last time.. it was actually quite hideous, tho I liked the background I made..:P ^^ but now inspired by the Alice in wonderland which me and Kati went to watch last friday..:D Damn that Tim made again such an lovely movie!! loved it!! ^3^ Johnny were so fantastic as a Hatter and so adorable! And now i have this feeling that i would like to watch the cartoon version again after a long time..:D Then I've been drawing some fan art, well it isn't ready yet but..:P done something..^^ By the way this new background I'm not quite sure yet does look good there.. so opinions r welcome..^^ I have few different that I made so I could try them out too..^^

Before the movie started at firday we went to took pics, coz Kati needed them for some school work.. so I needed to be a model to her but i can tell u that, that im quite crappy model hahaha.. it's hard to pose when someone else took's pic's of u.. make's me little nervous and then i don't look natural at all..:P hopefully she is good at editing pic's hahaha..:DD while we were photographing there came some guy group and one of them were like "can I come in the pic too?".. we were just okey if u really want go ahead..haha :D I don't have the pic's so can't put them here..

Yay for the happy happy joy joy face! XD

Here's our degree work finished and burned in DVD's! :D Im soooo happy that we got it done in time.. Now I only have to write the raport of it and I should be doing it now at the moment, but here I am writing this..haha well after this I'll start(hopefully)..8D

I have few free days now from school so I can spent my winter holiday.. yayyy! :D tho it goes mostly writing the raport but doesn't need to get up early..^^ Tuesday im going to Kati's place watch movies..:DD so waiting for that..:D

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