Monday, 24 May 2010

I dreamed that day i shut light and I escape

Good time for writing now coz the weather isn't the prettiest one, atleast compareing to that last weeks summerish days..:P cloudy cloudy and little bit of thunder in the air..:P

But this weekend was like the best for ages! :D yesterday first we went to see this little band happening called ROK my friends band played there and other 5 bands too.. after that we head out to our local night life..XD wich mostly is only old drunken man walking jack sparrow all over the "center"..XDD but gosh we had fun! first we went to check this little beach but there were lots of mosquitos so we left to eat pizzas in this little bub and then went to this bar restaurant to hang out.. saw some old acquaintances and friends and it was so fun to just hang out in good company.. when we left it was already morning coming and sun starting to rise up..8DD

sadly I don't have any pic were we all were
 so guy's aren't shown in the pics..:P

Then some other stuff only week to go and then I will graduate as a media assistent..:O those three years went like so fast! and no it's over.. tho the only thing I will miss is my class..:P i think one of the best classes I've had..:D

outfit from monday

I should test how I will put my hair to graduation seremony/party..:P It will be curls but not sure yet what kind of..^^ I've been thinking maybe something hime gyaru inspired, been checking few hair tutorials from ageha..^^

 Last saturday went by bathing in the sun and drawing outside

The heat were too much for Manki so he just slept (in different places)

Got my order from sandbag Keane's new album -Night train.. only 8 songs but love'em all! <3


  1. Whii mäki aion tehä himeinspaantuneen kampauksen ylppäreihi;P hihi

    ja mulla oli kans iha sika ihana viikonloppu kaikki päivät pe-su sillee sais olla aina ;__;

  2. nii sais useemmi vaa kaikkee..^^ oiii saat laittaa sit kuvaa siit! :DD