Sunday, 16 May 2010

Summer is hereeeeee!!<3

Finally it's looking that the summer is coming after all! :DD now it's raining tho -___-' but it's still warm! :D 25*C or something.

 dance dance

I dyed my hair..:D the color was supposed to be 'cold copper' but the result is little bit too dark that it was supposed to be, but it's still nice.

For that shopping i write last time well I bought way too much all other stuff I wasn't supposed to..hehe 8D And now I can't buy anything before I get some summer job..:P but I found the things I were looking for belt to go with my dress and shoes and necklace..:D

those shoes

and the necklace

close up of that belt

Friday morning when I was heading to school at center of Tampere was a huge fire going on.. lots of polices and firefighters.. the fire started from Mc Donalds from the ground level and spread up to the attic..:P Finlands first Mc Donalds by the..8D I needed to walk past it and then I smelled all smoke..:PPP

I watched this program of japanese and their love for fish and there was this really weird man who were somekinda salesman and he dressed the speaker and he's interpreter as a banda and tiger and then banda went flying..XDDD

Aaand few outfits from last week..

now my english presentation wates me so byees!! ^^


  1. ihanat noi kengät ja kello :3

    siun blogi on tosi ihana ja sitä on kiva lukee, mut oon aina vaan tosi laiska kommentoimaan ;; oot söpö ♥

  2. oiiii kiits kiits..^3^ <3 kiva kuulla et tätä on kiva lukee ku välillä miettiny et pitäskö olla jotai muun laista juttua tai enemmä jotai..:)
    ja joo itellä kans jää aina toi kommentoimine vaik onki sit ihana saada aina ite kommentteja..haha..:D

  3. Noista hiuksista tuli kivat, sopii sulle^^!
    Toi ohjelma kuulostaa oudolta XD

  4. ehkä maailman ihanimmat noi kengät O_O

  5. haha joo se oli vähä outo tai ainaki sen jälkee ku se äijä tuli mukaa kuvioihi..XD hyvä että sopii..^^ ja satu ne oli must have sen jälkee ku näin ja kokeilin niit..:D