Thursday, 6 May 2010

may day may day

Sooo how my first of may went? well not quite right for what we planned.. first at friday we were supposed to go dancing with my two friends, but we got the 'saving money mood' on and we didn't go there.

This is the only pic from May day that I can show u the others 
(including me in the pics) wasn't that flattering. 
Flash light + dark = not good XDD

Friday evening at 8 o'clock I were talking with my friend Meri that it's just boring to sit here at the computer at the eve of first of may so quick thinking and an  hour later we were heading towards Tampere..:D It was a fun night found some other friends of mine there and hanged a while with them and after that we went to see some friend of Meri's.. At 12 we left back to home.. Then the other thing that got cancelled was me and Kati going to hang around to Tampere again at saturday and to check the Vappu tori (the first of may markets) which is every may day at Tampere.. lots of stalls selling all kinda things..:) but then the weather wasn't that good so we stayed at home..:P tho my mom and sisters went there..

Outfits from last and this week..

my current nail's which I forgot to 
post a pic in the last entry

Found and bought shoes for the graduation day..:D love love them I'm posting a pic in next entry coz tomorrow I'm going shopping with my lil' sister I try to find some good belt and jewerlyes to go with them (dress and shoes) so posting a pic of those too at the same time..^^ 

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