Wednesday, 29 December 2010

All I want for christmas...

So x-mas has past and now waiting the new years eve! 8DDD tho I don't have nothing planned yet what to do then I don't even no what could I do and with who..:((( --> probably being home alone while my sister's going to go to her friends place and every other member of my family to my cousins place..:PP and now u ask why don't I go with them well we have this nice little "zoo" here to take care of..:P

But to the christmas part..:DDD Had a very traditional x-mas as always with my family and grandparents..:) Eating, eating, decorating the tree, going to sauna and etc.

I don't have any pics of the presents yet but u'll gonna get it later..^3^

All for now byes! <3


  1. Suloinen kissa<3
    Kivoja kuvia, talvi kuvat on aina
    nii kauniita ^^

  2. Mistä tilasit lipun? :D

  3. hurtsin lippua varmaankin tarkotit vaik kommentti on täs vanhemmas..:DD ja hurtsin sivujen kautta..