Wednesday, 8 December 2010

December! :O

 It's december! and soon it will be x-mas!! <3 

Yesterday it was Finlands independence day.. and as our tradition in my family we bake mince pie's, drink glögg and watch the presidents arranged independence day celebration linnan juhlat.. The point watching it every year is always the who has got the invitation and the dresses people r wearing..:DD

Last saturday was the 5th gal meetup.. first I was supposed to go as I wroted too in last entry but then my friends and I talked that we could go again to that rodeo bar (hehe) so we went there, so there were no chance to get up so early that I could have had time to do all dolling up..:P but well next time then..:D

Coz it was the independence day yesterday which is free day to everyone there were few partyes at club's arranged on sunday so me and my friend went to this one happening at one club called "[reiv:] V6 tour TAMPERE" I just love the rave music! there were finlands best DJ's <3

I danced so much that yesterday my knees and thighs were soooo sore when I woke up..XDD but had lots of fun! ^^

my current nail's crappy pic is crappy..:P

then what else is happened..hmmm.. oh I'm having this huge cleaning operation in my room coz kast wednesday we went to Ikea like I told u before so got some new things to my room.. and as I've been trying to change my decorations here there's lot of stuff's to take off..:D and of course I need room for the new ones..^3^ still there is the most big thing not yet done---> paint my wall's..:P but atleast Im having I good start with furniture and the little touch up's..^^

on our way to ikea..

All for now byes!


  1. i love your winter inspired nails, and you look so pretty <3

  2. nice that u like them! ^^ and thank thank u veery much as always! <3

  3. Oih, kivoja maisema kuvia! *w*
    Todella söpöt kynnet sulla<3 ~Anni

  4. sait multa Lovely Blog Awardin~♥