Monday, 3 January 2011

New year's morning..

Happy new year 2011! Little late but better than nothing..^^  

My new year's eve went quite normally as any other friday night.. coz I didn't have any plans or partyes to go I were at home with mom and dad..:P So watched movies ate chocolate and other snacks..:) 

We had only few fireworks which were left over's from last year.. and then a bag of all kinda little sizzling and hissing things..XD

pic from last tuesday when I went to see Noona and Viivi to tampere and at evening I went to movies with Kati to check the newest Narnia 3D..:) I wonder why I didn't take any pic of my outfit..:PP

Promissed few posts back to show the last fleamarket boughts so here they r..
two cardigans 3€ and 0,7€ :D the grey one is long..

Then my xmas presents 
(not including the gift from my friend and the money and earrings I got :P)

Aaaand my few latest shoppings from sales..
 t-shirt with the cameo style print H&M, and the other t-shirt and top from GT 
fur vest from local supermarket..:D
 these weren't in sale and bought already before x-mas 
just love those little scissors ^~^
 pocket watch I've been drooling since it came to GT 
and now it were the last one and 50% off <3
heart earrings from seppälä..

Been trying not to buy much stuff from the sale's here coz next weekend I'm going to go for a two nights cruise to Stockholm Sweden..:D the ship lefts at sunday and the monday it's in Stockholm, at monday evening it heads back to finland and at tuesday morning it's back to Helsinki..:D can't wait can't wait!

current nails.. the top color is blue 
not black as it looks in this pic..^^

Check check out what the british mail sended me! ticket's find theyr way to home 
*rock drop's of my shoulders* I were so worried that they won't come in time or get lost in somewhere..:P

All for now hun's hope u had good new year's eve and hopefully this year will be awesome as the last one! :D  byes! <3

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